Ultra-Fab Releases Video on Solar Powered Plumbing Vent Fan – RVBusiness


ELKHART, Ind. –  Ultra-Fab Products, a supplier company known for its jack, leveling and stabilization products, has announced the release of a new dealer training video centered around the Solar Powered Plumbing Vent Fan.

“Although this product has been out for a few years, most dealers don’t know how much money they can make from selling this innovative item,” said Raymond Padgett, vice president of Sales & Marketing with Ultra-Fab.

Never before has anyone incorporated a fan to pull the odors out of the black tank so they don’t have a chance to escape inside the RV, the release continued. This patented product is perfect for helping RV customers “avoid the stink.”

“At the same time we are releasing our displayer for the Solar Powered Plumbing Vent Fan,” Padgett continued. “It’s a bright shiny displayer that fits on a gondola shelf or on a counter.  It’s sure to get attention. And it includes a QR code where customers can get more information before making a purchase. Just purchase six of our Solar Powered Plumbing Vent Fans and get the displayer at no charge.”

About Ultra-Fab Products

Ultra-Fab is the self-described jack, leveling and stabilization expert in the RV industry. Its power tongue jacks were the first introduced into the RV industry in the 1970s, and it is known for innovative products inside and outside the jack, leveling and stabilization categories. Ultra-Fab branded products always have the longest warranties, and unique benefits not available elsewhere, the company states.

Additionally, Ultra-Fab protects dealer and distributor margins with an aggressively enforced MAP policy.