Roof Systems Limited taps into SVG to provide More Than Just Roofing!


With the steady increase in construction and commercial activity in St Vincent of late, Roof Systems Limited is committed to providing a competitive advantage to clients, architects, contractors and developers wishing to purchase roofing materials, particularly when it comes to price, quality and design have a roof installed.

In fact, Marketing Director Sabina Ali says that Roof Systems Limited recently reduced prices to be more competitive; which in turn gives St Vincent customers more choices when choosing a roofing supplier.

Trinidad and Tobago based Roof Systems Limited is a manufacturing company established since January 2005. Roof Systems Limited manufactures, supplies and installs roof panels, composite deck panels (tiles), purlins and hat channels – essentially all the major components that make up a complete roof. As their slogan suggests, Roof Systems Limited is definitely ‘More Than Just Roofing’ as they also manufacture, supply and install the trusted and recognized GGI brand of aluminum windows and doors. They can supply both standard and custom sizes in a combination of styles to suit any project and budget.

With a management team with over 60 years experience, Roof Systems Limited has five locations in Trinidad and Tobago and is proud to have completed projects throughout the Caribbean. They currently export to countries in the Caribbean including Guyana, St. Martin, Tortola, Antigua and right here in St. Vincent.

Roof Systems Limited has a centrally located warehouse which stocks a wide range of products enabling it to manufacture and supply on a large scale. The company has recently invested in a new factory capable of forming roof and soffit panels, gutters, downspouts and flashings from high quality materials to virtually any length customers require with no seams.

With residential, commercial and industrial projects, the company also adheres to best practices, with its policies and general business standards governed by the Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards.

With the steady increase in construction and commercial activity in St Vincent of late as mentioned at the beginning of this article, Roof Systems Limited is determined to gain a competitive advantage and offer an alternative to existing products there and customers, architects, contractors and developers Those looking to buy roofing materials or have a roof installed have more choices in terms of price, quality, roof panel designs and colors.

“We want to bring something different and extraordinary to what the Vincentian market is used to in its communities,” Ali said.

Shipping to St Vincent is no problem for Roof Systems Limited. When a customer makes a purchase, the company supports the shipping process from start to finish. When installers are required or a local contractor is unfamiliar with a project, Roof Systems Limited installers are willing to make the journey to St Vincent to carry out the installation. At the same time, Roof Systems Limited notes that it also supports the use of local labor in St Vincent.

Some of the company’s previous work in St Vincent includes the manufacture and supply of R-Panel roofing panels, C and Z purlins for light framing systems and waterproofing work for various residential projects.

Dominique De Verteuil, the company’s Export Sales Executive, will be in St Vincent from 5th to 7th April to meet clients, architects and contractors. Should people wish to meet with her, she can be contacted at or 1-868-322-9179 (also WhatsApp) for a meet and greet.

Customers can also connect directly to Roof Systems Limited as follows:

Phone: 1-868-285-9164

WhatsApp: 1-868-373-8138



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Instagram: @roofsystemsltd

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