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Local tree and landscape company announces fundraising program for Mitzvah Monday

OWINGS MILLS, MARYLAND, April 18, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — For immediate release – Contact Allan Davis at 410-578-7111 for an interview

Y&L Landscaping & Tree Service is pleased to announce the acquisition of Pikesville Tree Service, a professional tree care company that has been in business for over 10 years. The merger will allow Y&L to provide tree care services to the Baltimore community in addition to drainage, landscaping and snow removal services.

“I’ve known Pikesville Tree Service’s owner, Levi, my entire life,” said co-owner Yossi Kushner. “The partnership allows us to expand our services to better serve our commercial and residential customers.”

Yossi Kushner started Y&L Landscaping & Tree Service as Y&L Landscaping, Inc. in 1998, providing local landscaping, lawn and plant care to his local community. In 2000, to build the company and realize its vision of becoming the region’s premier landscaping company, Kushner expanded its offerings to landscape installations and incorporated the company in 2001. Levi Lowenstein, a tree professional, acquired and merged Pikesville Tree Service in 2018 later with Y&L landscaping and tree care.

“Yossi and I share a passion for the green industry, customer service and leadership,” said Lowenstein. “The transition for the Pikesville Tree team has been seamless and we are very happy to work with our new Y&L family.

In 2020, Y&L hired Allan Davis, who has extensive experience in the landscaping and drainage space for over three decades, as General Manager. Part of Davis’ vision was to make charitable giving a part of the company culture through the monthly Monday Mitzvah program.

“Mitzvah Monday is our chance to give back to the community,” Davis said. “Each month we donate one day of tree or landscaping care to someone in our community who might not otherwise be able to afford the service. Sometimes it helps someone to remove a fallen tree from their property after a storm or to clean up an overgrown yard.” Y&L Landscaping & Tree Service now serves both commercial and residential clients throughout Baltimore from its office in Owings Mills, Maryland County and the surrounding area offers highly skilled landscaping, hardscape, drainage, snow and tree maintenance.
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Press Release: Pikesville Tree Service merges with Y&L Landscaping & Tree Service

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