Local Companies And Neighbors Help With Tree Removal | Latest News

Local Companies And Neighbors Help With Tree Removal | Latest News

GREENWOOD, Delaware – Dozens of chainsaws were put into operation throughout the day Monday in Greenwood and Bridgeville.

In the community of Doe Run, several of these homes were struck by fallen trees. Tree felling and landscaping contractors work Monday to remove trees from a person’s home. There were at least four businesses in the community alone, but around Delaware all of the victims’ friends and businesses lent a hand.

Chainsaws and diggers were sounds heard throughout the day by communities in Greenwood and Bridgeville.

Aaron Bianca, owner of Straight Arrow Lawn Care, came to clear trees at Doe Run. He says he wishes people would do the same for him if this were his home. “I had some damage behind my house in Bridgeville, so I pulled over there and then got in touch with some other people out there and they asked me to come over here and do some work,” says Bianca.

Chris Hutchison, who owns Hutchison Tree Service, agreed. He says I had the tools to do this kind of work. We were in Harrington when we saw the storm clouds go by and we were getting alerts on our phones and whatnot, so the next morning I said, ‘Well we have our tools to help with this situation so we can use them as well use and put to good use.” them to work.”

Neighbors, friends and even strangers of Roy Lee Roberts loaded their trucks to help get a tree off his roof.

I just met some of them. I know some are friends for life and I have a nephew and family friends here. It’s just about people coming together,” says Roberts.

Now a company told us that they will probably be busy felling trees for the rest of the week.