Fort Worth Tree Services Launches Green Infrastructure Tree Care Program



Published on March 22, 2023

Fort Worth, Texas – Fort Worth Tree Services, the premier provider of municipal tree care services in the greater Fort Worth area, is proud to announce its new Green Infrastructure Tree Care Program. The program aims to provide innovative solutions for restoring and preserving urban forests using green infrastructure techniques. This initiative is part of Fort Worth Tree Services’ commitment to providing safe and sustainable tree care solutions.

“At Fort Worth Tree Services, we have always been committed to providing the highest quality tree care services that are both safe and sustainable,” said Maranly Larabiosa, CEO of Fort Worth Tree Services. “Our new Green Infrastructure Tree Care Program is a great example of how we are using our expertise in urban forestry to create innovative solutions that can help conserve and restore urban forests.”

The Green Infrastructure Tree Care Program will use traditional and green infrastructure techniques to improve the health, vitality and sustainability of urban forests. Traditional methods such as soil improvement and irrigation are combined with green infrastructure techniques that utilize natural resources such as rainwater harvesting and native vegetation. These techniques help reduce water runoff and improve soil fertility, resulting in healthier trees that require less maintenance.

In addition to providing healthier trees, the Green Infrastructure Tree Care Program also focuses on creating an aesthetically pleasing environment for local communities. Innovative strategies such as selective pruning and planting of native species are used to create vibrant landscape designs that offer both beauty and utility.

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“We believe that green infrastructure is key to restoring our urban forests,” Larabiosa said. “By combining traditional tree care practices with green infrastructure techniques, we can create vibrant landscapes that are both attractive and functional. This is especially important in areas with limited access to clean water or fertile soil.”

Fort Worth Tree Services works with local organizations and individuals to ensure the success of its Green Infrastructure Tree Care Program. The company has partnered with Keep Fort Worth Beautiful and Texas A&M AgriLife Research to research and develop best practices for implementing green infrastructure solutions in Fort Worth’s urban forests.

“We are excited to partner with these organizations to promote the benefits of green infrastructure in our city,” said Larabiosa. “We believe this program will benefit our urban environment and help educate the next generation of sustainable tree care professionals.”

Fort Worth Tree Services is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality tree care services while preserving the integrity of our urban forest. The family business specializes in professional tree care for private, commercial and municipal customers.

Property owners interested in the Company’s services can visit the office at 2313 Half Moon Bay Ln Fort Worth, TX, 76177, USA. Alternatively, they can contact the company at 682-356-4429 and [email protected].


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