Adjusting Irrigation for Fall Tree Care


August 14, 2023

DFW Tree Care

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In this informative and insightful video, ISA Certified Arborist Wes Rivers and Cory Herpel focus on trees and their specific watering needs during the fall season. The conversation centers around the importance of adjusting watering practices as the weather transitions from hot and dry to cooler nights with the possibility of rainfall.

They emphasize the need to reduce sprinkler usage appropriately during the fall to avoid overwatering, which can be as detrimental as underwatering. They stress that leaving sprinklers set to summer precipitation rates results in excessive water for the plants’ demands in the fall. However, they also remind viewers that in the case of unusually dry falls without rain, providing adequate irrigation remains crucial for the trees’ health. The video highlights the significance of ensuring sufficient water for the trees’ nutrient storage and system functionality as they enter dormancy in preparation for the winter months. By maintaining their health during fall, the trees can thrive in the spring when they come out full and robust.

Wes encourages anyone facing tree-related problems or uncertainties to seek guidance from ISA-certified arborists at or through a consultation. Whether it’s about proper watering or other tree care concerns, this video offers valuable advice to ensure trees stay healthy year-round.

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