Aerial rescue event held for people in tree industry | News


COWETA, Oklahoma – A two-day safety event for people in the tree industry was held in Coweta.

Jesse Taylor of Taylored Arboriculture Services said the event focused primarily on air rescue.

Taylor said it lets local and non-state arborists practice a climber’s worst-case scenario in a safe environment.

“You come here and you’re in a safe environment with very experienced people watching over everything you do, and you can train that to create a better, safer culture,” Taylor said.

BP Trees’ Brady Paselk said part of the challenge of the event is working with people you don’t know.

“Part of the challenge is rescuing the actual victims and the other part of the challenge is learning how to work with people you don’t know in an emergency, because in most emergencies you find yourself with firefighters, paramedics, neighbors and all sorts of people who just show up that you don’t know,” said Paselk.

Paselk also emphasized the importance of first aid and CPR skills in the tree industry, which the event also covered.

“It’s probably going to make the difference between someone losing a limb or their life one day, and if you know how to do that you can start doing it long before the fire department gets there,” he said.

Taylor said the event helped encourage a safer mindset.

“When you leave this event, you’re not going to immediately do rescues or whatever, but you’re going to think about it, and you’re going to think about, ‘How can I make things better, how can I prevent myself from getting into situations to go where I would get hurt or get hurt,'” Taylor said.

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