Tree Care Marketing Founder Reveals a Simple System to Increase Sales by 30% Overnight


Tree Leads Today offers high quality leads for over 700 tree care businesses in 45 states. the company founder, Don Dowdshares a simple strategy that can significantly increase closure rates with minimal investment of time and money.

EXTON, Pa., March 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Founder of Tree Leads Today (TLT). Don Dowd reveals a simple system he says can increase sales of tree care products by 30% overnight. The system involves sending a follow-up letter to homeowners who have received an estimate for the tree care company’s services. Dowd refers to this system as “the 60 cents Salesperson”.

“The company is already paying for the lead, and the homeowner has already expressed enough interest in an estimate,” says Dowd. “The 60 cents or such that you spend the best money you could ever spend on paper and stamps to convert that lead into a sale.

Here are the steps Dowd provides to successfully get this system up and running:

  1. Use a #10 white envelope with a premium stamp. Purchase a large supply of these in advance, along with enough paper to print a sufficient number of copies of the letter.

  2. Customize this letter with your company information. (You can copy it directly from this article or contact Tree Leads Today to have a free copy emailed to you.)

    Good day!

    I recently gave you an estimate for tree maintenance where you live. If you have any questions or would like more information about the estimate, please do not hesitate to call me anytime!
    At COMPANY, we understand the value of a long-term customer. We would appreciate the opportunity to win your business now and in the future.


  3. Print out a series of follow-up letters in advance based on the number of estimates you typically do each week/month. Have each letter personally signed by your appraiser, then place the letter in one of the envelopes.

  4. DO NOT write your return address on the outside of the envelope. You do not need to include a return address on the envelope when using a premium stamp. Otherwise it ensures that the envelope is opened.

  5. At the end of each day, handwrite the names and addresses of all homeowners who received an estimate that day, place a premium stamp on the envelopes, and mail them. If you send the letters the same day that you prepare the estimate, the customer will typically have it in their hands within 24 to 48 hours, which is the perfect follow-up time frame to remind them of your visit.

The story goes on

“A lot of companies don’t even call back or come to an estimate,” continues Dowd. “Implementing this simple tracking system will enable your business to outshine the competition. At this point, price plays a much smaller role as the homeowner knows they are dealing with a quality company that doesn’t do a bad job, leave stuff behind after the job is done, etc.

The follow-up letter system is hardly used in the industry, although it is easy to implement and requires minimal resources. The system can be performed by anyone in the company and does not require any special skills or training.

“If it’s a larger tree care business, the letters can be prepared in advance and kept in the office to be addressed and mailed each day,” continues Dowd. “For smaller businesses, for example, where the owner is the one who goes out and does the quoting, you can just stuff the envelopes and have them ready in your truck, then handwrite the address on them and mail them at the end of the day.”

Dowd’s method has been tried and tested in his own tree care business, and many of the tree care companies he works with that are getting good 7-figure results have implemented it as well.

“When I implemented this system at my own tree care business over two decades ago, I saw a 30% increase in sales practically overnight and these results are pretty typical. So if you send out 1,000 of these letters, for example, you could potentially land another 300 jobs $1000 per job, that might add $300,000 in gross revenue for the company from 1,000 estimates and mailings.”

Dowd believes its follow-up mailing system works so well not only because so few companies do it, but also because direct mail is generally a better way to contact customers than email or phone calls.

“I’ve found the personalized letter to be more effective than an email or phone call to ask for a quote. E-mails can be buried, deleted or end up in the spam folder; and phone calls can be intrusive, especially if you catch someone at the wrong time. A letter like this is almost always opened and can be opened and read by the recipient at their leisure.”

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Tree Leads Today (TLT) is a leading provider of quality leads and marketing support for tree care businesses in the United States. TLT was founded by Don Dowd, a successful entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Don has built his success on innovative marketing strategies that help him stand out from the competition. He has built on these strategies to develop a state-of-the-art proprietary marketing program for the tree care industry. TLT’s proprietary solution has helped hundreds of tree care companies grow their business and maximize ROI.

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