Rep. Houlahan honored with tree planting in West Chester – Daily Local


WEST CHESTER – U.S. Representative Chrissy Houlahan was thrilled when a tree was planted in her honor in Everhart Park on a bright, sunny spring morning on Thursday.

The native flowering dogwood blooms with a burst of color for a few weeks annually, usually from late April into May. The dogwood combines many varieties of mature trees along rolling hills and at the site of a new playground at Everhart Park.

The event was hosted by the Chester County Citizens Climate Lobby to honor the congresswoman for her efforts to protect the environment. She is the new co-chair of the bipartisan Climate Solutions Committee.

US Rep. Chrissy Houlahan (right) watches as a tree is planted in her honor. (BIL RETTEW/MEDIANEWS GROUP)

Houlahan said climate change will be tackled through bipartisan efforts.

“For me, working on climate change initiatives is more than just something I can do, but it’s something we must do together and it’s a moral obligation,” Houlahan said. “The climate crisis is affecting almost every aspect of our lives and every aspect of American life.”

Houlahan is a member of both the Armed Services Committee and the Intelligence Committee. She mentioned two bills she is proud of: the Anti-Inflation Act; and the Infrastructure Investment and Employment Act.

Most importantly, the IRA, which came into force in 2022, is the most comprehensive climate legislation in history.

“I know the name doesn’t sound like it, but huge steps are needed to help our climate by investing over $360 billion in climate and clean energy, including more action to prevent soil erosion than we have since the Dust Bowl,” she said.

Congressmen have made the issue of climate change a priority in relation to national security.

“As a US Air Force veteran, I know how important protecting our climate is to national security and America’s role on the international stage,” she said. “If we can’t protect the systems in place from the climate crisis, our systems in place may be useless.”

County Commissioner Josh Maxwell said the funding partially secured by Houlahan will help fund Chester County’s hiring of a sustainability director and plans to add electric vehicle charging stations to county parks.

Maxwell is happy that residents can walk and play in the parks for thirty minutes or an hour or so, especially those without a garage, while their cars are being charged. Maxwell also noted that 70 percent of the county’s residents live within a mile of a public park.

Matt Zencey is a member of the Chester County Citizens Climate Lobby and praised Houlahan.

“Chrissy understands the science,” he said of climate change. “She knows: Scientists agree, it’s real, it’s us, it’s bad, but there’s hope.”

He also mentioned that Congress is not a fair playing field and Houlahan is not afraid to push for the big fixes.

Margaret Hudgings works with the West Chester Green Team.

“Rep. Houlahan is committed to the environment and works cooperatively in Congress to advance environmental goals,” said Hudgings. “Having a tree planted in her honor is a first,” she said.

“How nice to celebrate their environmental work in this way.

“As Rep Houlahan mentioned in her remarks, green concerns have become more bipartisan and mainstream, something we’re certainly seeing here in West Chester.”

Nathaniel Smith is also a member of the grassroots organization Green Team.

“As Chrissy said, fighting climate change is now a moral obligation and also a practical one because Chester County has seen firsthand through Hurricane Ida the devastating forces climate change is unleashing,” Smith said. “It is very encouraging that she is reaching down the aisle to advance the fight against climate change, including with a bipartisan US team attending the last two UN conferences of the parties on climate change.

“If there’s anything our lawmakers can do to save the world from an uninhabitable climate, Chrissy will play a vital role in that, and all of her constituents should be grateful to her.”