Heat Stress and Sudden Falling Limbs: Understanding Causes and Prevention for Trees


October 17, 2023


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Sudden Falling Tree Limbs: In this informative discussion, ISA Certified Arborist Cory Herpel delves into a perplexing issue that many have encountered: sudden and unexplained falling tree limbs from oak trees. Despite the absence of visible defects in many cases, Cory enlightens the audience about a phenomenon known as sudden branch failure or sudden limb drop. This occurrence is most prevalent during the sweltering summer months. Some affected branches may exhibit traces of prior squirrel damage or improperly healed pruning cuts, leading to internal decay. Others might simply be overextended, potentially laden with acorns. The problem is exacerbated when gusty winds catch the branches. Sometimes it results in significant damage, including fallen branches landing on homes.

The duo emphasizes the importance of targeted pruning, especially branch end weight reduction, as a preventive measure. They advocate for proper tree care, highlighting the benefits of suitable fertilization, apt pruning techniques, and a consistent watering regimen, emphasizing deep yet infrequent watering. For those experiencing this tree phenomenon or in need of expert advice, they recommend seeking assistance at treenewel.com or setting up a consultation with an ISA certified arborist.

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