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Tree removal services working non-stop to clean-up communities

Tree removal services working non-stop to clean-up communities

LANSING, Mich. (WILX) -A lot of chainsaws going 5 days after strong winds toppled trees and damaged homes. Clean-up efforts are still going strong with tree removal crews working non-stop.

“Right now, it’s a crisis, that’s what it’s about. Is protecting our community right now,” said Jen Rostar.

A crisis that has left some Mid-Michigan homes ruined and damaged. Jen Rostar works with Clark Tree Services. One of many companies that’s been helping to clean-up communities hit by last week’s storm.

“We’ve been getting over 100 calls a day with people that with everything going on,” said Rostar.

Trees that have fallen on roofs, cars, and through living rooms.

“All of a sudden we heard a big bang thump…I looked out and see this tree by the west side of our house cracked down the middle and crash down on top of our house,” said Arthur Kyler.

Arthur and Inge Kyler have lived in their Potterville home for more than 25 years. They say they’ve never seen a storm do this much damage. “I thought we were very lucky,” said Arthur.

Fallen trees are considered a hazard and for crews working to pick up the pieces, they’re keeping in mind the safety risk of fallen trees and homes that may collapse.

“I try to have only individuals on my team that are trustworthy dependable, and that I can literally trust with my life,” said Lewis Hanft.

Lewis Hanft is the owner of Lou’s Cutting Edge Tree Service. They’ve been working non-stop since Friday.

Hanft says they’ve already cleaned up about 45 trees with another 80 left to go. With each clean-up, he hopes to help more people in need and wants to remind those of an important message.

“Simply be thankful. Every single day that you wake up just say thank you,” said Hanft. “I just want to put it out there that although it has been devastating for some, it has been an extraordinary blessing for a lot of blue-collar individuals from tree guys to roofers to landscapers.”

These tree removal companies are focusing on properties and homes that suffered tree damage. They expect another two to three weeks of clean-up.

Many local communities like Lansing and East Lansing, just posted their guidelines for tree removal.

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