Construction’s Hidden Threat: Dumping Materials on Tree Roots

Construction’s Hidden Threat: Dumping Materials on Tree Roots

August 16, 2023



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Construction’s Hidden Threat: In the face of new construction projects, existing trees often encounter a host of challenges. The visual scene depicts heaps of dirt piled beneath a tree, construction debris scattered around, and the noticeable absence of tree protection fencing. Construction’s hidden threat of soil damage can reverberate through the roots, posing a dire threat to the tree’s overall health.

Yet, there’s a beacon of hope—prevention is within reach. The installation of robust tree protection fencing stands as a bulwark against such predicaments. A paramount objective emerges: safeguarding the critical root zone, nestled beneath the tree’s canopy. For those grappling with compromised trees due to construction, a lifeline is extended. Reach out for a consultation with our esteemed ISA-certified arborists. Connect with us via our website,, and take the first step toward preserving the vitality of these invaluable natural companions amidst the realm of new construction endeavors.

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