Arkansas tree removal services warn of possible scams


After a tornado struck central Arkansas, people worked tirelessly to clean up the mess. Now local tree felling services are warning to beware of scammers.

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas — There are still plenty of good people who worked to clean up the debris after March’s tornado — but progress in the cleanup effort has also exposed some scammers.

Tree Gorilla was busy clearing branches and downed trees after the tornado, but they explained that it also drives people who want to rip you off.

“If people are trying to come in and take advantage, it doesn’t matter if it’s tree work or roofing. I can’t stand a thief,” said Chad Bryant, owner of Tree Gorilla.

An industry like this with no rules can leave people vulnerable to scammers.

“Tree care is not regulated. In many cases, all it takes for someone to call themselves an arborist is a chainsaw and a business card,” Bryant said.

He said that’s why scammers try to steal people’s money by requiring large deposits upfront and not finishing the job. As more and more people need help, he wants to make sure people know how to find qualified tree felling services.

“Look for a certified arborist. When someone becomes an ISA-certified arborist, they have invested in their education and must complete continuing education sessions each year to become re-certified,” said Bryant.

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