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All Pro Appliance, Heating and Air, considered by customers to be the best appliance repair and replacement company in the Salt Lake Valley and Wasatch Front, also repairs and replaces heating, air conditioning and other HVAC systems for homes and businesses. To schedule an appointment, please call (801) 983-3522. Photo by : All Pro Appliance, Heating and Air

SALT LAKE COUNTY, Utah, May 18, 2023 (Gephardt Daily/Bill’s Marketplace) — About 15 years ago, Gary Leany, Sr., the founder of All Pro Appliance, Heating and Air in South Salt Lake, made a bold decision; He decided that despite the tough economic times, he and his wife Leticia would keep going and pursue a lifelong dream of starting their own family business and living the American dream.

A decade and a half later, that dream has become a reality as All Pro Appliance, Heating and Air is not only a successful family business, but is considered by residential and commercial customers to have “the best” HVAC and appliance repair and replacement service in Salt Lake County and on the Wasatch Front.

According to Gary Sr., these kind customer reviews make the story of the successful family business all the sweeter and are proof that the journey was worth it.

“I think it was great,” Gary Sr. said in an interview with Bill’s Marketplace for Gephardt Daily. “I love working with my family. All of my boys, Gary Jr., Adam and Theron, work for me, although Theron is with my drywall company now.

“My daughter Kristen takes calls, plans assignments and dispatches teams. And my daughter-in-law Julia, Adam’s wife, was a dispatcher and parts manager. She will be promoted to office manager next month.

“And then there’s Gary Jr.’s wife, Mariah, a full-time mom who helps with the hiring process. She also plans corporate parties and other get-togethers.

“It’s really, really good that we’re making progress here,” said Gary Sr.

While Gary Sr. is proud of the company, so are the “kids” whose lives have always revolved around the company.

Gary Jr. said some of his happiest memories are of the times he spent on the phone with his father as a little boy.

“When I was about 13 or 14 years old, I started doing service calls with my father. I drove with him in the summer before I got my driver’s license. As soon as summer came, we did service calls for the next three months and I really enjoyed it. I loved every second of it,” said Gary Jr.

“And as soon as I turned 16, I started doing my own service calls. Having always loved tinkering with machines and being good with my hands, I understood how things work and found that I could usually fix them.”

Brother Adam says his memories are largely the same; The business was a family affair.

“So my oldest brother, Theron, started working at exactly the same time as me. He had just returned from his mission. So he and I teamed up for talks while Dad and Gary Jr. did their own thing. That meant we all spent a lot of time with family and looking back I feel a huge sense of gratitude.”

A check of online reviews shows that Adam and his family aren’t the only ones grateful for All Appliances’ success. Dozens of 5-star ratings from satisfied customers testify to this.

“I am very grateful for the work they did and the way they did it,” customer Kevin Richardson wrote in a recent 5-star Google review. “They investigated the problem and took the time to explain the cause of the problem, what part was needed, and how long (the repair) would take,” Richardson said.

“I would recommend them to anyone,” said Coalville customer Amy during a company profile interview for Gephardt Approved. “They are genuinely honest, fair and knowledgeable.”

In another review, 5 Star fan Tony Kibbie wrote: “Put simply, the ‘engineer’ knew his stuff and got the job done quickly. He was a really nice guy too. What more can you ask for?”

Though grateful for the client’s recognition, Gary Sr. says he has to work hard every day to maintain his reputation

“The day starts at 7am in the office when we have a sales pitch. A tech meeting is then held with all technicians.

“Adam is responsible for sales and Gary is responsible for the technical side.

“And so they meet with the guys, discuss anything that might be new in the industry, go through any problem calls that they might have encountered, and go through any sales problems that they might have,” said Gary Sr. .

“And they do that every morning.”

It’s that kind of commitment that All Pro wants to instill in every employee and instill in every customer, Adam said.

“The idea is to create an environment where employees are so happy and motivated that they really believe in what they are doing for customers. It’s about authenticity. The truth is everything. And since we have satisfied employees, this is automatically transferred to every customer.”

If you need an appliance repair or replacement, or need help with a stove or air conditioner, contact All Pro Appliance, Heating and Air, supplies Salt Lake County and the entire Wasatch Front from North Ogden to Payson and Grantsville to Coalville and every community in between.

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