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Known for comprehensive roofing and general contractor services, Kihle Roofing and Construction Inc. has the resources and expertise to provide quality, reliable and timely services.

Kihle Roofing and Construction Inc., a leading roofing and exterior renovation company, is pleased to announce its commitment to providing quality roofing, storm repairs, exterior renovations and other ancillary services. The company strives to provide exceptional customer service and excellent workmanship.

With years of experience, Kihle Roofing and Construction Inc. has established itself as a trusted name in the industry. The company specializes in a wide range of roofing services including installation, repair and maintenance of residential and commercial roofs. Its team of qualified professionals uses the latest tools and techniques to ensure each task is completed efficiently and effectively.

Kihle Roofing and Construction Inc. also offers storm repair services. The company recognizes the devastating impact that severe weather can have on homes and businesses, and is committed to getting customers back on their feet as quickly as possible. The company’s team of experts can assess the damage and make the necessary repairs to restore the property to its pre-damage condition.

More often than not, when a customer’s property is damaged by severe weather or other events, the process of filing an insurance claim can be overwhelming and confusing. That’s where Kihle Roofing and Construction Inc. comes in. The company’s experts can help customers document the damage and provide their insurance company with the information they need to ensure a smooth claims process.

To accomplish this, Kihle Roofing and Construction Inc.’s team of experts typically provides clients with a detailed estimate of the cost of repair or replacement after a thorough investigation of the extent of the damage. This ensures that customers receive the maximum compensation for damage to their property.

In addition to roofing and storm repair services, Kihle Roofing and Construction Inc. also offers exterior renovation services. These services include siding installation and repair, gutter installation and repair, window installation and replacement, custom deck design and construction, and exterior painting. The company’s exterior renovation services are designed to enhance the aesthetics and value of its clients’ properties.

Kihle Roofing and Construction Inc. places the highest priority on customer satisfaction. Their team of professionals strives to provide exceptional service and ensure that every client is completely satisfied with the work performed. To accomplish this, Kihle Roofing and Construction Inc. maintains clear and timely communication with its clients throughout the project. Additionally, Kihle Roofing and Construction Inc. offers competitive pricing and multiple payment options to make it easy for clients to get the services they want without breaking the bank.

“I had the opportunity to work with Clay. He replaced my roof, fixed some drywall, and painted the finishes in our house. He communicated with me from beginning to end, which is very important in my book. He completed the work in one “I look forward to working with him on our next project. I would recommend working with Clay and Kihle Roofing and Construction Inc.” commented one satisfied customer.

Kihle Roofing and Construction Inc. is located at 8181 W. Kellogg Dr., Wichita, Kansas, 67215, USA. To learn more about Kihle Roofing and Construction Inc. or if you have additional questions, call the team at (316) 202-6859 or visit the company’s website.

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