Metal, Asphalt Roofing Repair Announced



Released May 5, 2023

The family business aims to improve access to professionally executed and timely roofing services for Rock Hill residents and businesses. With the recent move, Eason Roofing can now serve neighborhoods such as Meadow Lakes, Laurel Creek, Millwood, Heathwood and Seventeen Acres.

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The company’s range of services includes everything from the planning, design and installation of new roofs to the inspection, maintenance and repair of existing roofs – carried out by a team with over 27 years of roofing experience.

“We are a full service roofer for all types of work. From building a brand new home to replacing a worn roof, we can do it all,” the company said on its website.

The company employs qualified roofers who are familiar with various roofing materials such as slate and asphalt. Eason Roofing also specializes in metal roofing, which is the preferred choice of energy conscious homeowners and businesses. Metal roofs are also known for their durability, as they can last over 50 years with proper maintenance.

“We do all of our manufacturing in-house, using our own machines. By eliminating outsourcing, we reduce turnaround time for our customers,” the company said.

As a full service provider, Eason Roofing can also be hired to apply roof coatings which are essential to prevent roof degradation from UV, wind and water damage. Some of the most common types of coatings available from the contractor are resilient, reflective, and rubberized asphalt coatings, as well as spray coatings typically used on metal roofs.

“We have used Eason Roofing on several properties. They have repaired other contractors’ faults and design flaws and performed maintenance under normal wear and tear,” said one satisfied customer. “They were excellent, discussed pricing up front and delivered on what they promised.”

In addition, Eason Roofing offers preventative inspections which are offered free of charge. Inspections are not only useful in detecting defects and hazards, but are also recommended for homeowners planning to put their property up for sale or rent.

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