GenSun Roofing Ranks High for its 0% Financing Solution

GenSun Roofing Ranks High for its 0% Financing Solution
GenSun Roofing Ranks High for its 0% Financing Solution


Released May 25, 2023

New Jersey-based residential roofing and siding company GenSun Roofing is breaking new ground with its 0% financing offering for homeowners

Homeowners in different parts of New Jersey are undoubtedly having the best time with their roofing considering the amazing achievement GenSun Roofing has achieved with the 0% financing offer in a relatively short period of time without having to make monthly payments for up to 36 months . The innovative product aims to enable homeowners to complete their project at the current market price and defer payment for up to 3 years without interest.

One of the biggest obstacles facing millions of homeowners around the world is the cost of roofing. Over the years, various roofing products and services have been developed by manufacturers and other industry stakeholders. However, the unfortunate rise in the price of roofing products and services continues to prevent families from finding the solution they desire. As such, GenSun Roofing is making sure the situation is different for as many people across New Jersey as possible by introducing the increasingly popular 0% financing offer. As homeowner Coach Jim Contreni points out, “Building material costs have generally increased by over 30% over the last 18 months, and most recently on 05/15/23 roofing material has increased by another 5%… putting the cash-strapped homeowner in distress.” Bad situation because they want to get their roof done but don’t have the opportunity to do it. The 0% interest program therefore allows them to buy at today’s prices and defer payment for up to three years. This is a win-win situation! ”

The roofing finance offering brings a new perspective to the roofing market and allows cash-strapped customers to enjoy their desired roofing solutions and pay at a later date. GenSun Roofing reaffirms its commitment to provide its customers with the best solution without having to spend a fortune. “The best part is that even after the free period ends, they continue to receive a low-interest loan,” adds Coach Jim

GenSun Roofing has achieved breakthrough success with the offering, judging by the impact it has had on customers and the rave reviews it has received from homeowners. In addition, the roofing specialists offer flexible financing programs with a user-friendly application process and over 300 lenders available to customers. Coach Jim also notes, “The approval rate is over 70% as long as the customer has a Fico score of 620…this program has made so many homeowners happy!”

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GenSun Roofing is a real estate roofing specialist with a reputation for delivering quality solutions for projects of all sizes and types thanks to a team of highly experienced and well trained professionals with expertise in shingle, flat, metal and slate roofing. Headquartered in New Jersey with offices in Southeast, Southwest, North and Shore Jersey, the company handles hundreds of projects across the state.

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GenSun Roofing Ranks High for its 0% Financing Solution