Being aware of scammers and shady roofing contractors

Being aware of scammers and shady roofing contractors

As you read this, you might be thinking, “I’m glad I’m not,” or “Yeah, and now I need to fix my roof.”

And if you need your roof repaired, someone may try to contact you to fix the damaged roof. But beware. Some of these so-called contractors are actually scammers who want to damage your wallet. The president of the Better Business Bureau of Abilene, John Riggins, said he was wary of any shady business transactions.

“Just be careful when giving advances,” he said. “If someone just shows up in your neighborhood and tells you they’re here because they’re working on your neighbor’s house, I can come to you too if you give me $500 to wait in line. Or advance payments for materials. That’s a red flag. It’s time to start the homework. Know who you’re doing business with. Get a copy of the contract. Call your insurance.”

This is how you could be scammed. A dishonest contractor will insist that you pay them an upfront payment or advance before they start work. But the contractor never shows up. Or the contractor will exaggerate the extent of the damage in hopes of overcharging you or your insurance company.

Riggins said make sure you do the research.

“Check the company’s background,” he said. “Check out the Better Business Bureau website. Check if they have any reviews or complaints on the site. And how long they’ve been in business.

Age varies. But often it is a senior. And it’s important that people know which contract they have signed. Make sure you have a copy of the contract. And don’t sign it until you understand it.”