Water Heater Replacement in Spring, TX by Veteran-Owned KT Plumbing Done Correctly and with a Price-Match Guarantee

Water Heater Replacement in Spring, TX by Veteran-Owned KT Plumbing Done Correctly and with a Price-Match Guarantee


Published August 24, 2023

KT Plumbing of Spring has provided reliable water heater repairs, replacements, and maintenance services in and around Spring, TX for nearly three decades. This veteran-owned, family-run business focuses on personalized service and clear communication. It helps clients select the best water heater for their needs.

According to announcements released by KT Plumbing of Spring and Kenneth Thomas, the water heater replacement services provided by this business have enabled the communities in and around Spring, TX benefit from modern water heaters.

KT Plumbing states that the useful life of a water heater is around ten years, and after that, water heater replacement is a better alternative to repair. In its experience, the business has found that older water heaters consume more energy to heat water. A new water heating system helps reduce power bills and a family’s carbon footprint.

Older heaters often cost more to repair, and replacements are a cheaper, long-term solution. KT Plumbing installs tank, tankless, condensing, solar, and other water heaters. It recommends the ideal water heater for a family’s use based on the volume of water to be heated, heating frequency, space considerations, fuel options, design preferences, and energy efficiency.

A leaky water heater must be attended to immediately as it is a safety risk. KT Plumbing can quickly diagnose if the leaks can be repaired or if a replacement is a better solution. The plumbers from this business are regularly called to repair water heater issues arising from malfunctioning thermostats, sediment buildups, worn-out heating elements, etc. Solid warranties back their repairs and replacements.

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KT Plumbing avers that DIY water heater replacements are best avoided because the installations must be done right to ensure valid warranties. Moreover, safety is an issue; the installer must know how to work with electrical circuits. Professional water heater repairers and installers have the certifications, skills, and tools to replace water heaters safely and efficiently. Services of businesses such as KT Plumbing save clients time and money.

The business recommends that homeowners be proactive regarding the correct functioning of water heaters. They should arrange timely maintenance to remove sediments, tighten loose nuts, check the wiring and insulation, and check for leaks.

Kenneth Thomas of KT Plumbing of Spring said, “Installing a new water heater can help you save money on your monthly utility bills. With advanced energy-efficient technology, modern water heaters consume less power, reducing energy expenses. By upgrading your old, inefficient water heater to a new, more efficient model, you can enjoy significant savings on your utility bills.

Energy-efficient water heaters are designed to deliver a steady and pleasant stream of hot water, guaranteeing a dependable source and perfect temperature to meet your requirements. They are also designed with top-notch materials and cutting-edge technology, making them incredibly long-lasting and dependable for extended periods.

Choosing an eco-conscious water heater is an excellent decision for the environment. By opting for an eco-friendly model, you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint and positively impacting the planet. These water heaters are designed with energy-efficient features that help to minimize energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. You can enjoy hot water with an eco-conscious water heater while contributing to a sustainable future. When picking a water heater for your house, there are different options.

Traditional tank water heaters have a big tank that stores hot water and keeps it heated until you use it. On the other hand, tankless water heaters heat water instantly as you need it, without any storage tank. Hybrid water heaters combine features of both tank and tankless systems. They provide energy-efficient operation and a continuous supply of hot water.”

About the Company:

KT Plumbing of Spring works with all types of water heaters and ensures homeowners benefit from modern water heaters that deliver consistent heating at low costs. The business is prepared to match or beat prices. Customers can communicate directly with the business owner to discuss plumbing requirements.

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