Redevelopment of KFC & Hudson Plumbing on Mt Pleasant – The South Bayview Bulldog


A rezoning application has been filed for 405 and 415 Mount Pleasant Road, 323, 323R, 325, 327, and 329 Balliol Streets.

“The proposed project is an outdoor sports and recreation facility for Greenwood College School. The proposal calls for the demolition of all existing buildings and structures on the site to allow for the construction of a multipurpose outdoor sports, recreation and leisure space. The proposal includes an artificial grass field, soft landscaping and a storage building.”

Greenwood College School Athletic Field and Outdoor Proposal/City of Toronto Website

The site currently includes two vacant commercial buildings on the Mount Pleasant properties (formerly the Kentucky Fried Chicken fast food restaurant and formerly the Hudson Plumbing Supplies Building) and two vacant semi-detached homes on the Balliol properties. The site has approximately 120 feet of frontage on Mount Pleasant Road and 210 feet of frontage on Balliol Street.

The proposed development includes the following elements:
• Multipurpose sports field that can be converted into an ice rink in winter;
• Additional storage structures.
• Social “meeting places”;
• artificial turf hills;
• New and preserved trees and landscaping;
• Portable toilet facilities;
• Covered benches and parking spaces; And
• Fencing.

The proposal aims to minimize the impact on neighboring properties by shifting active use to the western part, away from adjacent residents, limiting the height of outbuildings to less than 5 meters (comparable in height to a modest bungalow) and generous landscaped buffers are maintained along the east and south edges of the site. Additional design considerations are described in more detail in Section 4.


As early as 2020, an application to repurpose streets 405 and 415 Mount Pleasant Road was filed; The developers wanted to build a low-rise building for seniors. “…a new development proposal aims to add a medium-sized building geared towards housing and caring for the elderly. Located on the southeast corner of Mt Pleasant Road and Balliol Street, the Midtown Toronto proposal proposes a 9-story mixed-use building.” -pleasant-and-balliol.43142

Since then, Greenwood College School has acquired the property and changed its purpose.