Popular plumbing business ripped-off, caught on camera | Local News


HESPERIA — A small family owned and operated business from Hesperia was robbed in the middle of the night. The act was captured by a surveillance camera.

Very early on Saturday, February 4, 2023, just after 2:30 a.m., a two-tone Dodge Ram pickup truck pulled up to the Cisneros Brothers’ training center off Interstate 15 in Hesperia. Anyone who has ever commuted up or down the hill knows the property very well. Several Cisneros Brothers plumbing vehicles are parked on the property.

The people in the truck reportedly cut through the fence to enter the facility’s premises. The Dodge Ram can be seen at approximately 2:38 am approaching the locked storage unit. The ram will do a U-turn and then stop to back up to the storage unit. The folks inside the Dodge Ram don’t seem to be in a hurry and are making a few attempts to align directly with the storage unit.

The video shows a hooded and masked person exiting the rear passenger side of the four-door truck to inspect the storage unit lock. Moments later, another person, also wearing a mask and hood, stands by with ease and appears to be monitoring. Both men have difficulty opening the locked unit. You get back in the truck and take off.

Two security video clips catch the plumber bandits at 2:38 am and later at 3:25 am. The door to the storage unit stays open while the robbers casually drive away from the scene in a two-tone Dodge Ram 4-door.

About an hour later, just before 3:30 a.m., the two-tone Dodge Ram returns to the crime scene on camera. 4 people appear to be occupying the vehicle. The truck makes another U-turn and reverses into position in front of the storage unit. 3 of the people observed by the camera committing the crime jump out of the truck with the key to the warehouse. Cisneros Brothers told HDdailynews.com that a locker at the opposite end of the property holds the keys to the storage unit. Once the storage door is open, the driver and two other people enter the storage unit and begin manipulating the equipment and loading it onto the back of the Dodge Ram.

From security footage, the three unidentified individuals appear to be in no hurry to rob the store and are taking their time to obtain certain equipment.

Security video ends with the three unidentified people jumping back into the two-tone Dodge Ram and nonchalantly exiting the scene. The storeroom door stayed open.

The company told HDdailynews.com that thousands of dollars worth of equipment was stolen on Saturday. If anyone recognizes any of the hooded individuals or has evidence of a two-tone Dodge Ram that may be involved in this crime, they are urged to contact the Hesperia Police Department. Please request to speak to Deputy M. Rodriguez or Deputy B. Enriquez. You can remain anonymous.

Hesperia Police Department: (760) 947-1500