Replace or repair? Consumer advocate says consider fixing broken appliances


Washing machine. Dryer. Dishwasher. Refrigerator. When our home appliances break down, solving it can be a frustrating and costly problem.

According to Home Advisor, the average cost of a new home appliance is $2,175. Kevin Brasler, editor-in-chief of Boston Consumers’ Checkbook, said homeowners should consider fixing the broken appliances before they run out and buy a brand new appliance.

“Just don’t assume it’s broken, I’ll have to buy a new one,” Brasler said. “If you’re happy with the features of your device, if it’s never broken, if it’s been reliable, and if you like the way it looks and works, that’s a reason to spend $200 or $300 on a repair because it will likely continue to work well for you.”

Even if your device is cheaper, the Boston Consumers Checkbook found that “on average, low-cost companies deliver better quality of service than their higher-priced competitors.”

Boston Consumers’ Checkbook has reviews and ratings for 76 local repair services here.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when attempting a repair:

  • If your device is still under warranty, contact a workshop authorized to perform warranty repairs so you don’t have to pay for the labor.

  • If the warranty has expired, use only top stores.

  • Consider fixing the problem yourself: it may not be as expensive or difficult as you think.

“Often, device repairs can be done for a few hundred dollars. Typically, you can do most repairs yourself for about $20. “Parts for appliances are really cheap,” Brasler said.

Click the link here for reviews and advice from Boston Consumers’ Checkbook.

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