Franklin man goes viral through helping fix appliances


FRANKLIN, Ohio (WDTN) – A local has become a viral sensation, garnering millions of followers through content helping people fix their home appliances.

Before his newfound social media fame, Derrick Dennis says he was on a destructive path.

“I became addicted to heroin 16 years ago. I spent the next five years losing everything I ever had. In 2011 I almost had to die to save my life,” says Dennis.

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Dennis also spent several years in prison and was temporarily homeless. After getting clean, he says, he found a steady job as a home appliance supplier. In his free time, he learned to fix and flip broken appliances to earn some extra money. For fun, he posted a short video of the repair process on TikTok.

“I didn’t think anyone would even look at this. It’s a dryer, who cares!” said Dennis.

The content generated millions of views in a short amount of time. Now known to his followers as “Derrickwith2rs,” he’s quickly become the go-to for device repairs on social media. He uploads new videos almost every day. Dennis says he’s starting a podcast and wants to use his influence to inspire others.

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“Everyday normal people who have a history. And someone needs to hear the story. I never thought that in a million years I would find someone to listen to my story,” Dennis said.

You can follow Dennis’ TikTok here and his YouTube channel here.

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