Why United Water Restoration Group Has Its Sights Set on California for Franchise Development


The premier provider of restoration and reconstruction services sees opportunities for at least 45 franchise owners in the Golden State.

UWRG Targets California for Growth in the Disaster Restoration Services Industry

United Water Restoration Group (UWRG), the 86-territory franchise brand that provides premier restoration and reconstruction services, has remained a dominant force in the industry for nearly 15 years, while also delivering a best-in-class customer experience around the United States. Now, it has identified its next target market for growth: California. 

Currently, the UWRG has a franchisee in the southern portion of the state who is already seeing great success due to factors such as demand, population density, and affluence in the market. With that, California is wide open for new Franchise Owners and the brand is looking to add around 45 to 50 in the near future in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, and Sacramento.

The High Demand for Restoration Services in California

“When I worked in restoration previously, California was a very busy market,” said Bob Moore, Vice President of Development & Operations at UWRF. “Due to earthquakes, wildfires, flooding, and other natural disasters, there tends to be a lot of pipe bursts and need for our services. Plumbing quality seemed to be an issue with a lot of the builders, so we were dealing with a lot of busted pipes and leaks inside the homes. We were pretty busy.”  

Every city in the U.S. experiences water, fire, mold, or structural damage, so UWRG Franchise Owners can thrive anywhere. In fact, the global disaster restoration services market is projected to be valued at $41.2 billion in 2023, with around 14,000 people in the U.S. being affected by water damage daily, per the Insurance Information Institute. In California, the risk of natural disasters tends to be higher than in many other states. The Federal Emergency Management Agency places California in the “very high risk” category for earthquakes, while unpredictable wind conditions can combine with dense brush and dry hillsides to create dangerous wildfire conditions. 

UWRG’s Best-in-Class Customer Experience Sets Them Apart in the Restoration Industry

In addition to water damage mitigation, the 24/7, full-service restoration company also specializes in mold remediation, fire and smoke damage restoration, reconstruction, sewage, flood, and disaster response. And with help available 24/7, 365 days a year, a customer-first mentality is what continues to set the operator apart. 

“We’re a small brand, and we focus a lot on the culture of our company,” said Moore. “And we encourage our franchisees to do the same. Our team spends a lot of time coaching the franchisees on building a strong team of people who understand how to take care of the home or business owner in distress and do quality work. The combination of the quality of work we do and the desire to build long-lasting relationships, not transactional relationships, really makes us different from other brands on the market.” 

UWRG Franchise Owners Do Not Need Restoration Experience, but a Desire to Serve and Help Others

Franchise Owners do not necessarily need experience in restoration or have a home-services background, but ideally have experience in sales, management, business development, or leadership. Most importantly, it’s someone who is interested in helping and serving others, motivated, and not afraid of hard work. 

“Our business can be hard at times and stressful,” noted Moore. “For example, many of our franchisees have been working since Christmas because of all the freezing temperatures, especially in the South. Many of our franchisees have been working seven days a week because of the backlog of work that’s available. If you have someone who loves serving and helping people, that can be very rewarding, and you can earn a nice living doing so.” 

Why Owning a UWRG Franchise is a Great Opportunity in the Recession-Resistant Restoration Industry

Ownership is also a great opportunity for those in the remodeling or construction business. Adding a UWRG franchise can help even out a potential downturn in the event of an economic crisis while getting into the recession-resistant restoration industry will allow teams to keep busy even when other home services businesses are losing out. 

“We offer simple models that allow a franchisee to really understand what levers they need to pull in their business,” said Moore. “In a restoration business, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed, and you can be pulled in a lot of different directions. But at UWRG, Franchise Owners can expect plenty of support and guidance along the way.” 

The total initial investment to open and begin operation ranges from $159,342–$441,874. For more information on franchising, visit https://uwrgfranchise.com/investment-opportunities/.