What happens when you call SERVPRO? An overview from the Santa Maria water damage remediation professionals


Once the building is safe to enter, SERVPRO is there to assess the work to be done and draw up a plan.

Water damage occurs for many reasons such as: B. putting out a fire, flooding from storms or burst water pipes, and long-term undetected leaks. Mark Powers, owner of SERVPRO of Santa Maria, believes that people feel better overall when they understand the SERVPRO process that returns their home or business to the best condition.

“The first thing that happens,” says Powers, “is we show up to help.” Call as soon as you can while the fire department is still putting out the fire. Once the building is safe to enter, SERVPRO is there to assess the work to be done and draw up a plan.

When SERVPRO arrives, it expects the following:

  • Inspection, Assessment and Protection: On the first tour, the team inspects the premises, assesses the damage and takes critical action to protect the property. These operations may include identifying and shutting off the water source, climbing on or covering the building if it has been damaged by fire or other disasters, installing security fencing, and protecting building contents from further damage from water, mold, or soot.

  • Other inspection tasks include determining the type of water. Blackwater is particularly dangerous and anything that has been in contact with blackwater needs special treatment. Once the assessment is complete, the team will create a plan for salvaging and restoring items in the building, such as: B. Furnishings and personal belongings, and repairing the damage.
  • Water Removal and Suction: Once the inspection and assessment is complete, Santa Maria’s water damage team begins the suction and removal of excess water. When the home or business requires an extensive deep cleaning and restoration, the team will carry out an efficient move to protect the property from further damage.

Using powerful pumps and truck-mounted vacuum units, the team is able to remove thousands of gallons of water from the property. Amenities include:

  • Infrared cameras locate water in areas that are not easy or even safe for humans, such as behind walls and in crawl spaces.
  • Sophisticated moisture detection devices that measure the level of saturation.

Once the water is removed, the carpets and upholstery are examined to determine if they can be dried or if they need to be removed to protect the flooring.

Removing water and drying moisture is crucial to prevent further damage, deterioration and mold growth.

  • Drying and Dehumidifying: While removing water is important, it doesn’t guarantee that everything is dry. Water seeps into almost everything, leaving moisture and mold spores in its wake. Retained moisture can cause further damage and mold growth. The team uses industrial grade equipment to dehumidify the premises and monitor progress until everything is completely dry.
  • Cleaning and Disinfection: In addition to cleaning the walls, floors, ceilings, cabinets and other elements that have been in contact with the water, Santa Maria’s SERVPRO water damage team cleans all furniture including upholstery, clothing, carpets, curtains and everything else other items that can be recovered. The team’s restore versus replace mindset means more items that most people know can be restored through dry cleaning, wet cleaning, spray and wipe, foam cleaning, scrub cleaning when needed, immersion cleaning and odor removal. Even books and documents can be cleaned.
  • Depending on the circumstances, antimicrobial/antibacterial treatments and disinfection treatments may also be used.
  • SERVPRO can also dispose of items that cannot be cleaned according to your wishes and the instructions of your insurance company.
  • Restoration: The final step is the process of making any repairs or reconstructions, including the installation of new carpeting, that may be required to return the building to its pre-damage condition.

Rely on the experts. Every situation is unique and requires a tailored solution, but the overall process is designed to deliver the best results as quickly as possible. Additionally, SERVPRO of Santa Maria works closely with insurance companies to file and monitor the claim, taking another worry off the shoulders of owners and residents.

SERVPRO of Santa Maria is a local company that provides local communities with the best possible cleaning and restoration services for damage caused by water, storm damage, fire and more. The team’s goal is to get their clients home and back to work “like it never happened.”

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