Water Damage: What To Do Before and After


Water can do an incredible amount of damage in a short time. What should you do before any damage occurs—and how should you handle it afterward? Tim Fagan, president of 1-800-WATER-DAMAGE, joins BUILDINGS editor-in-chief Janelle Penny to explain what facilities teams can do before and after water damage hits.

Show Notes:

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About Our Guest:

Tim Fagan is president of 1-800-WATER-DAMAGE, a nationwide provider of restoration and remediation services. He has been in the restoration industry for 28 years and has managed numerous accounts and emergency losses in residential, hospital, university, commercial, manufacturing, multifamily and K-12 school facilities. Tim is a licensed builder as well as a Restoration Industry Association Certified Restorer (CR) and Water Loss Specialist (WLS)—the highest level of training and certification available in the restoration industry.