The Pros of Working with Mold, Sewer, Fire, and Water Damage Restoration Experts at Robinson Restoration


Robinson Restoration is available 24/7 to respond quickly to any water damage and initiate rapid cleanup to limit further damage. Their quick response also helps secure dangerous electrical equipment and prevent water build-up. Damage reduction is achieved through the use of advanced equipment and remediation techniques, such as B. quick drying improved. In addition to water damage, the certified water damage restoration specialists are also trained for mold removal and wastewater treatment in households and companies. Robinson Restoration is proud to be IICRC certified and offer a true 24/7 hour service.

Robinson Restoration is committed to ensuring that all homes seeking damage restoration can enjoy much-needed reassurance. These well-equipped damage experts promise to be on site within 90 minutes of receiving remediation instructions. The team has the experience to restore the home to its normal or pre-damage condition. All remediation work is carried out by fully certified and trained professionals to ensure thorough inspection, diagnosis and damage control. In addition, the team offers a 100% free property inspection and survey and is ready to use advanced technology to identify hidden leaks and help analyze the extent of damage. Their transparent and informative remediation process ensures that all primary and secondary damage, e.g. B. the structural integrity, are never overlooked.

This water damage restoration company follows a three step process starting with a home inspection, a deep dry and the final inspection. Once all visible surface moisture has been removed, a deep drying is performed to ensure all traces of moisture are removed from the porous materials present in the building. Air movement and dehumidification equipment is used during the laborious drying process, which can take 3 to 5 days. The final inspection report shows the extent of the damage and any actions taken to correct the problem. This detailed damage and work report will be billed directly to the insurance company. For more information on Robinson Restoration, visit their website.

The company’s industry-leading mold remediation service is carefully conducted to prevent property damage and health risks that mold brings to the family. Mold remediation is part of the company’s detailed water damage remediation and professional cleaning services. Several customers have written great reviews about their experience with the company. A satisfied customer said: “They were hard workers and immediately tackled the project with professionalism. I was also very impressed with the consideration given to me and my home. They communicated the details of the project well.”

The water, mold and fire damage experts can be contacted at (360) 667-1665. They operate from an office at 10616 NE 124th Ave, Vancouver, WA, 98682. Because of the nature of their services, Robinson Restoration’s restoration team is available 24 hours a day to respond quickly to emergencies.

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