Paul Davis Restoration of Baton Rouge is Offering Water Damage Restoration in Baton Rouge, LA


Baton Rouge, LA – (NewMediaWire) – August 3, 2022 — Paul Davis Restoration of Baton Rouge is offering water damage restoration to private clients. The company works diligently and efficiently to mitigate the destruction, whether property has been damaged by flash floods, sewage backwater or water runoff. Some restoration services include drying the house, water extraction and disposal, sanitation, cleaning, restoration of personal belongings, and assisting the client with damage insurance. As a certified restoration company, they use specialized equipment and scientific procedures.

The company offers tailor-made water damage restoration for commercial and private customers. In addition to using modern and specialized water damage mitigation equipment, they find and repair the source of the flood water. The team also provides reconstruction services, cleaning and restoration of business items such as bedding and dry wet surfaces, especially furniture. To give the customer time to plan for the reopening of the business, the restoration company is working with the insurance providers.

In addition to cleaning items (as part of the water damage repair package), the company offers content restoration as a standalone service. The team helps the client identify the possessions to be restored and carefully pack them into the company’s processing center. Also, they use advanced content cleaning technologies such as ultrasonic cleaners, industrial washing and freeze drying systems.

Paul Davis Restoration of Baton Rouge offers cost effective inspections, analysis and repairs to restore mold damage. To protect property from further damage, they replace the floor and walls, seal contaminated areas, clean the sewers, repair sinks, and clean contaminated clothing (if any). The company also has the best methods of repairing the damaged areas and removing the mold to protect the customer from a recurring mold problem.

In addition to providing remedial measures for customers affected by mold, storm and water damage, the company offers disaster planning. Some offerings include a free consultation, insurance carrier consultation, and backup power. Commercial customers are protected from inconveniences caused by disasters such as property damage and business interruption thanks to the services.

The company also offers restoration of wind and storm damage. His team assists customers (commercial and residential) in assessing the situation, repairing and cleaning with advanced equipment. Additionally, experienced storm and wind damage technicians are more responsive to help customers pick up parts and rebuild their lives. Other related services include emergency response, major loss mitigation (for commercial customers), air duct and dryer vent cleaning, and electronics and soft content recovery.

Paul Davis Restoration of Baton Rouge also specializes in bathroom renovations. Whether the client is looking for basic repairs and improvements, more space, or upgrading their bathroom through technology (like heated floors, jacuzzis and rain showers), the company has professionals dedicated to delivering quality results. They also offer remodeling services for homeowners interested in selling their properties.

The contractor is also experienced and knowledgeable in kitchen remodeling, whether the client wants to add cabinets, lighting, sinks, counters, new appliances or a new coat of paint on the walls. The company not only gives the kitchen a facelift, but also ensures that every element added improves the functionality of the kitchen, regardless of its size. In addition, a conversion technician accompanies the customer from the first planning and planning phase to the equipment.

In addition to bathroom and kitchen conversions, the company offers other services such as B. modernizing a small room or remodeling the entire property. The experienced and highly qualified professionals not only offer the client a free consultation, but also use advanced tools to make the client’s dreams come true, regardless of the complexity of the project.

Customers interested in emergency water remediation, mold remediation, or other remodeling services can contact the company at 225-396-5436. Paul Davis Restoration of Baton Rouge is located at 11950 Industriplex Blvd, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 70809, USA. Visit the website to learn more about the Baton Rouge office.

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