What to Do When a Tree Threatens A Home

What to Do When a Tree Threatens A Home


Published on March 13, 2023

March 13, 2023 – Are you worried about the trees in your garden? If you observe a tree beginning to sag or appear unhealthy, it may be time to take action and remove it. After all, you don’t want a dying tree to lower your home value or harm you or a loved one. If a tree is threatening your home, here are some precautions you can take:

Contact an emergency tree removal service.

If you have reason to believe that a tree could quickly become a hazard to those around you, you should seek to hire tree rescue services. This means that you will definitely hire a group of experts to deal with the issue that arises. This workforce consists of a qualified arborist with experience in felling or pruning trees.

In order to safely remove the problematic tree from the property, you must contact an emergency tree removal service that can respond immediately. It is best not to do this alone, but leave it to the trained professionals. Otherwise it would be risky for you and your valuable property.

They might deal with younger and smaller trees when it comes to tree felling. Contact an arborist if the tree is at least twice your height. Also, some of the tree-related problems are difficult to observe. However, this is a problem that is not obvious at first glance. The presence of fungi or algae can be detected by an arborist who can then decide whether or not the tree needs to be removed. Arborists also know the correct and safe methods for felling trees. If you observe a tree hanging over a power line, you should not try to resolve the situation yourself. Call a professional. As this is an emergency, you will need the appropriate equipment and training.

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Turn off the power.

Be sure to get to your power source as soon as possible and turn off the power if it is in an area of ​​your property that will not be affected by the emergency. In the worst case, leaving the power on at the scene of the accident can worsen the damage and put additional strain on your home by starting a fire.

Contact your insurance provider.

Do this as soon as possible as postponing the call could result in cancellation of your insurance. For a simple claim, follow the instructions carefully and keep the documentation as complete as possible.

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If you want to ensure the safety of your loved ones and property, it is necessary to use an emergency tree felling service. You don’t want a yard with trees that could fall, hurt loved ones or crush your vehicle. And you certainly don’t want a diseased tree to diminish the aesthetic value of your property.

It is best to take care of the tree removal issues before it is too late. Contact us for a quote whenever you need assistance in assessing the condition of your trees.

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