Surviving the Heat: How Drought and Heat Stress Impact Trees


August 10, 2023

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heat stress

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In this informative video, our certified arborists, Cory and Wes, provide essential insights on caring for trees during scorching hot summer days. With soaring temperatures, heat stress, and drought stress becoming increasingly common, it’s crucial to identify and address drought stress to safeguard your trees.

Cory discusses the visible signs of drought stress, including leaf scorch and wilting, which indicate that trees are losing water faster than they can uptake. He emphasizes the importance of deep but infrequent watering to prevent overwatering and root loss. The team shares their fertilization process, utilizing soil conditioners and MitoGrow rooting hormone to promote root regeneration.

They explain why typical sprinkler systems may not adequately hydrate tree roots and suggest techniques to ensure water reaches deeper into the soil. By maintaining proper watering practices, trees can rebound and recover from drought stress, avoiding negative impacts on their health.

This video offers essential guidance for tree care during hot summer days, empowering viewers to protect their trees’ health and longevity. Don’t miss out on this valuable advice! Like, Share, and Subscribe for more tree care tips and expert arborist advice. For personalized consultations and tree care services, visit and nurture nature together!

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