Trees and Pools: What You Need to Know for a Stunning and Sustainable Landscape


September 11, 2023

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In this informative video, ISA Certified Arborist Wes Rivers delves into the delicate balance between urban development and the preservation of nature. The focus is on a property where a large, mature tree stands at the back, while the owners are eager to install a pool. The central question: Can the tree and the pool coexist harmoniously? The answer, as we learn, is a cautious “probably.” The conversation highlights the significance of strategic planning to ensure the tree’s health remains uncompromised during construction. A key insight emerges – by keeping construction activities outside the tree’s drip line, the chances of success rise substantially. However, Wes also underscores the profound impact any construction within the tree’s canopy area could have on its well-being. To mitigate this, proactive measures are suggested to bolster the tree’s health before construction commences. The video emphasizes the necessity of avoiding any disturbance to the tree’s root system and advocates for the use of retaining walls over altering ground levels. As we explore the delicate dance between development aspirations and environmental preservation, this video underscores the importance of thoughtful approaches in making sustainable choices that benefit both nature and modern living.

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