Tree Branches Within Reach Of Electricity Distribution Lines On Ski Hill Be Trimmed – Los Alamos Reporter



To mitigate hazards and power outages, a new round of tree pruning coordinated by the Department of Public Utilities (DPU) is scheduled to begin Tuesday on Pajarito Ski Hill and continue through Friday. DPU’s contractor, Southwest Fire Defense & Tree Services, will carry out the work.

While the DPU’s list of danger areas covers the entire county, current priorities apply to
Ski slope junctions that may be within reach of electrical distribution lines. Special,
Southwest Fire Defense will deal with trees near Camp May Road west of the Iron Gate.
Trees in other areas of the county will be addressed in the future.

Department staff are responsible for identifying branches that require attention. Trees are pruned
only if they are on the right of way or on power line utility easements.

Tree pruning reduces the number and magnitude of power outages by removing branches
and trees that are either too close to power lines or present a risk of falling onto power lines. The
Initiative coupled with an aggressive operations and maintenance program supports DPUs
Electrical Reliability Plan. As a public utility, improving electrical reliability is a top priority
for DPU serving the community.

It is important to note that not all overhead lines in Los Alamos County are power lines.
Tree pruning only focuses on branches that become power lines, not other types of wiring
which can be stretched between poles.

DPU is jointly owned. It is governed by the Board of Public Utilities, of which are members
residents and DPU customers.

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