The Importance of Tree Preservation in New Home Projects


August 15, 2023


ISA certified arborist

new home projects

Tree Preservation




New Home Projects: In this insightful video, ISA Certified Arborist James Allen delves into the vital topic of preserving mature trees amidst rapid new home projects and construction activities in North Texas. The discussion revolves around the challenges faced by these trees and the effective strategies employed to minimize stress during these transformative times. Against the backdrop of active construction surrounding ancient trees, experts share invaluable insights on maintaining the delicate balance between growth and preservation. From the implementation of tree protection borders to discourage heavy machinery from encroaching upon critical root zones, to the placement of signs cautioning against disturbance, the video underscores the significance of proactive measures.

Additionally, the conversation highlights the role of soil conditioning and fertilization in nurturing tree health before, during, and after construction. As the conversation unfolds, it becomes clear that developers often select locations due to the presence of natural, native trees, making their preservation crucial for the overall aesthetics and ecological benefits of the neighborhood. The video passionately advocates for the inclusion of comprehensive tree protection plans in all development and construction projects where trees are nearby, ensuring that these giants of nature continue to grace and enrich the properties they inhabit.

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