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The Charleston Arborist is a South Carolina tree care business with access to quality tree felling, stump crushing, preservation and other services.

Well done! Ary and his crew were very professional. Highly recommended!”

—Georgia Spainhower

BLUFFTON, SOUTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, May 19, 2023 / — A few trees and shrubs in the yard can enhance the overall appeal and appearance of a property. Well-placed trees provide significant heat reduction by shading windows and walls and reducing the need for air conditioning. In addition, trees provide privacy, block unwanted views, reduce glare and reduce traffic noise. A green neighborhood can counteract the heat island effect of hard surfaces and help homeowners save 15-35% on their energy bills. Given the importance of trees, it makes sense for homeowners to invest in expert tree services and hire The Charleston Arborist, voted the best tree service company in South Carolina by Lowcountry Style & Living.

“Good work! Ary and his team were very professional. Highly recommended!” —Georgia Spainhower

Healthy trees promote a healthy environment. Unfortunately, the average homeowner may not have enough information to improve tree health and well-being. Professional arborists can assess the condition of the trees on the property and make suggestions for maintenance such as pruning, mulching, and fertilizing. Not only do they extend a tree’s lifespan, but they also ensure that the trees are stronger and more resilient to diseases, pests and the effects of extreme weather conditions. Companies such as The Charleston Arborist, which offer historic tree preservation services in Charleston, are also planning an in-depth appraisal and evaluation to identify signs of damage to various trees.

There are many good reasons to have trees in your garden or backyard; However, there are many reasons homeowners might want to have a tree removed from their property. Dying or dead trees can pose a safety hazard, and trees leaning against or too close to the home can overshadow the home, making it look unkempt and unattractive. A tree removal service in Charleston, South Carolina can make all the difference and provide homeowners with a manicured yard. In addition, the risk of disease or storm damage is reduced when the trees are properly pruned.

When property owners want to have a tree removed in their area, their first thought might be to do the job themselves and save some money. But they must understand that this is not the place to cut corners. Removing a tree requires the right equipment that probably won’t be lying around in the garage or shed. These tools can be expensive to acquire, and the time it takes homeowners to remove the tree may make them realize that it’s worth paying for the convenience that professionals like The Charleston Arborist take care of for them.

About the Charleston Arborist

With a team of certified and experienced arborists, The Charleston Arborist is a family owned arborist business serving the Low Country and surrounding counties of Charleston, South Carolina. The company is proud to be involved in the preservation of many of Charleston’s historic trees. The experts at The Charleston Arborist are trained to diagnose disease, assess tree health, determine appropriate pruning techniques, and provide recycling and mulching advice.

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