Full list of kitchen appliances that could be adding £1,670 to your bills due to being in the wrong place

Full list of kitchen appliances that could be adding £1,670 to your bills due to being in the wrong place

Where you place your kitchen appliances can have a big impact on your bills.

Experts say the location of your items is more important than we think, but there are simple ways to fix the problem and lower your bill.


Where you place your kitchen appliances can have a big impact on your bills

The average energy bill is currently capped at £2,500 and although bills are expected to drop by £400 in July, money is still tight for many due to rising costs.

That means bill payers are looking to save as much money as possible around the house.

And if you can save money just by moving your air fryer, why not give it a try?

We spoke to various experts to find out how much your gadgets and essentials could add to your bill.

Your washing machine is in the wrong place - and it's adding £1,350 to your bills Your heated drying rack is in the wrong place, adding £50 to your energy bill

Of course, how much you actually save depends on how often you use the device and what make and model you own.

Below we show the full list of kitchen appliances that may be out of place and adding £1,667 to your bill.

Washing machine – £1,350

If you store your washing machine in the wrong place, chances are it will run inefficiently and cause mold in your home.

As a result, you could end up spending more.

Calling someone to fix a problem can cost up to £180, according to Checkatrade.

According to the online trade directory, hiring professionals to remove mold from your entire home can cost a whopping £1,170.

That adds up to a total price of £1,350 – which is no small fee.

What the exact cost can be depends on how big the problem is, where you live, and who you hire to do the work.

We spoke to Alastair Cooke, a cleaning manager at Miele.

He told The Sun that while most people decide where to put the device based on the space they have in their home, it may require more thought.

He said: “High or low temperatures, as well as humidity, can cause washing machine components and plumbing to malfunction or deteriorate over time.”

“This can lead to reduced efficiency and potentially costly repairs.”

It’s best to place your washing machine near an outside wall or window so you can install a vent through the wall to allow moisture to escape outside.

Always remember to open the door after a wash, otherwise mold may form on the machine.

Fridge Freezer – £75

The location of your fridge freezer could have a bigger impact on energy bills than you think.

The main job of a fridge or freezer is to stay cool and keep your food fresh.

However, without a steady flow of air, the device is unable to properly regulate the temperature inside, causing it to work harder.

For example, not leaving enough space around it can reduce energy efficiency by 15%.

Nicholas Auckland, Trade Radiators’ heating and energy expert, said: “Many factors can affect the efficiency of the fridge, including what is loaded, the temperature set and even the type of food and the material of the containers used in it.”

“One of them is certainly that the position of the refrigerator in the room and how close or far it is from other appliances has an impact on how hard it has to work and what the annual running costs are.”

“A poorly placed refrigerator, next to heat sources like stoves and radiators, in direct sunlight, or in a space with insufficient ventilation around it can cost you more money than it should.”

Nicholas estimates that incorrect placement could add up to as much as £75 a year based on the current price cap.

He added that there is about 5cm of ventilation space on the sides, back and top of the fridge.

“Try to keep a distance of 50 cm between the oven and the refrigerator. The heat from the oven can make the fridge work harder,” he said.

If possible, avoid storing the kitchen utensil in a stuffy room without windows or doors, as this also restricts the flow of fresh air.

Instead, place it in the coolest spot in your kitchen and ensure there is at least 10cm of space between the back of the unit and the wall to allow the coils to work as efficiently as possible.

Air Fryer – £32

Many savvy bill payers have swapped the oven for an air fryer to keep costs down.

The device has become a must-have for many families because it usually uses less energy to cook than heating up a traditional oven.

But if your fryer is in the wrong place, it could add unnecessary costs to your bill.

Nicholas said households need to consider where the cooking appliance can work efficiently and effectively.

He told The Sun: “Air fryers should be placed on heat-resistant kitchen worktops and at least 13cm away from walls and other appliances/objects.

“That’s because hot air fryers can reach internal temperatures of up to 200°C, so they give off a lot of heat and need to be kept away from non-heat resistant materials to avoid burns.”

According to Nicholas, a 1,000W air fryer costs 34p for an hour of operation.

And depending on the size, a whole chicken takes about 45 minutes to an hour to cook.

That means the chicken should cost no more than 34p to prepare.

However, Nicholas said that if an air fryer is not used properly and placed in a suitable location, cooking time will add half an hour.

In this case, cooking the chicken could cost 9p more than 34p.

It might not sound like a lot, but an extra half hour of cooking a day for a year adds up to £32.04.

Slow Cooker – £50

According to Nicholas, a slow cooker should be treated the same as an air fryer.

This is because they are very similar devices.

Nicholas said: “How much you save on your energy bill depends on what type of slow cooker you have, but generally you should place it well away from other appliances and walls.”

“Also, make sure to keep it clean and tidy to ensure it’s working at full efficiency.”

A typical slow cooker costs around £95 a year to run, but the harder it has to work, the more it costs.

“If your slow cooker is in a bad place, chances are your bills will be at least £50 higher,” explained Nicholas.

Because of this, a good location is key to saving money. Try to find a spot that’s a little more open and away from walls and crowded countertops.

Kettle – £100

The main problem with kettles is that they produce a lot of steam, Nicholas explained.

Wherever your kettle is placed, you need to remember that steam build-up is common in this area and excess steam is one of the main causes of mold and dampness in a home.

Nicholas said: “It is important that you place your kettle away from other appliances and walls.”

“I recommend putting it near a window so the steam can escape easily.”

Keeping your kitchen free of steam doesn’t necessarily save you energy bills, but like a washing machine, it can save you money on mold and moisture repairs.

You also save yourself the installation and operation of a dehumidifier.

He added: “In the UK, a mold removal service costs around £15 an hour and a dehumidifier around £100, plus any running costs.”

“By making sure your kettle doesn’t damage the rest of the kitchen, you can save £15 to £100 by preventing damage in the first place.”

It’s important to note that chances are your kitchen is already well ventilated via a range hood. Therefore, it is very unlikely that using a kettle several times a day will produce too much steam.

However, if it is stored in the wrong place, such as right against a wall, there is a greater risk of damage.

Dishwasher – £60

When it comes to setting up your dishwasher, the most important thing is to keep it away from your fridge or freezer.

Nicholas explained: “That’s because your dishwasher gets warm and creates a lot of hot steam when it’s open, and the last thing you want to do is make your fridge and freezer warmer than they should be.”

“That would result in them requiring more energy to run effectively and maintain the cool temperature they need.”

If your dishwasher is too close to your fridge freezer, you could expect to lose around £60 a year, according to Nicholas.

Bring order to your house

In the meantime, not only could your kitchen appliances be in the wrong place in your home, but so could your sofa.

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It might also be worth taking your child’s Xbox or PS3 with you as it could add up to £50 to your electricity bill too.

The location of your heated drying rack could also play a role. We’ll tell you where to put it to save money.

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