Monster Tree Service launches Soil Health Services


Monster Tree Service, a full-service tree care franchise in the U.S., has launched its comprehensive Soil Health Services. Designed to provide residential and commercial property owners with a customized soil management plan, these new services help consumers keep their soil at optimal health through professional treatment.

The team of arborists and plant health care specialists at Monster Tree Service believes in a holistic approach to plant health care that begins in the soil. They build a soil health plan that is tailored to the specific needs of the property and goes beyond a traditional, fertilizer-only approach. This comprehensive plan includes addressing common plant health care concerns by encouraging soil biodiversity, mitigating soil compaction, addressing nutrition problems and more.

“At Monster Tree Service, our objective is to build a healthy environment for your trees to thrive. To do that, we focus on building the best environment for soil organisms to function the way nature intended,” says Kathy Glassey, independent contractor. “Your soil is home to not just plant roots but an entire ecosystem that contributes to the health of your trees, shrubs, vegetables, herbs, lawn, and more. Actively managing your soil health is the key to long-term success in your landscape or garden.”

The new Soil Health Services offered by participating Monster Tree Service franchise owners across the country may include a soil sample analysis and quarterly or seasonal soil treatments of fertilizer and soil amendments. Progress is routinely inspected, and the Monster Tree Service team will address any targeted services or plan adjustments needed to meet customers’ goals for their trees and landscaping.

This addition provides another revenue opportunity for franchise owners that complements the work already being done to promote healthy landscapes and communities. Within a season, most customers can expect to see tangible results, including better moisture retention, improved soil structure and a reduction in their need for fertilizers and pesticides.

To help franchise owners educate and best help their customers keep their yards and landscaping healthy, the experts at Monster Tree Service share the following soil health facts:

  • Soil is the foundation for plant growth, offering physical support by allowing for healthy root development and nutrient absorption. Without healthy soil, annuals and perennials, trees, shrubs and vegetables are unable to grow big and strong.
  • Healthy soil results in darker, greener leaves, less dieback, more drought tolerance, and a healthier tree overall.
  •  Healthy soil must be comprised of 50% of air and water. Without this, trees are susceptible to pest and disease issues.

Monster Tree Service provides a variety of professional tree services including emergency and non-emergency tree removal, land and lot clearing, hazardous tree assessments and stump grinding. Additionally, locations offer tree and shrub pruning and trimming, cabling, bracing and dead wooding, among other specialized services. In 2021, the company introduced Plant Health Care services that give customers solutions for optimal plant and tree health, including fertilization, insect and disease management, root collar excavation, trunk injections, soil and tissue testing, invasive species treatments and more. For more information, visit