Local Plumber Warns Tree Roots Are Attacking Atlanta Sewer Lines


Atlanta, March 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Atlanta, Georgia —

Atlanta, GA. Morningside Plumbing provides trenchless sewer repair and hydro excavation services to home and business owners in Atlanta. It warns that root damage to underground sewers is a growing problem.

The magnolias, southern pines, dogwoods and oaks that green Atlanta are the reason for its nickname “The City In A Forest”. And in the city’s mild, humid climate, trees grow fast and thrive. And these above-ground trees beautify lawns, but underground, fast-growing roots are a nuisance to sewers.

“It’s the perfect storm: Hot summers, mild winters, and frequent rains make for rapid tree growth here in Atlanta,” says Paul Wimpey. The owner of the local plumbing company continues, “And in most Atlanta homes, trees are growing near sewer lines, so the increase in tree root intrusion problems looks like a long-term trend.”

The problem begins when trees growing near underground sewers stretch out long forage roots to find nutrients. Sewage lines containing water and organic waste naturally attract the hungry roots in search of food. Also, thirsty tree roots aggressively advance toward buried pipes, stretching great distances, and seeking moisture.

And these water-hungry roots enter pipes, seeping water from hairline cracks, tiny pinholes, or improperly sealed seams. As soon as tree roots find a leak in sewer pipes, their destruction begins. Then hair-thin roots penetrate the pipe, grow into a tangled mass and catch the grease and dirt, which flows into the pipe like a net.

Paul Wimpey, owner of Morningside Plumbing, explains: “As a result, clogs form, toilets, sinks and other drains become sluggish at first, then become completely clogged and finally clog. Untreated tree root intrusion will inevitably result in significant pipe damage. And what most homeowners don’t realize is that this problem can lead to sewer stagnation — imagine sewage from an overflowing toilet spilling onto the bathroom floor and into a home.”

Sewage backups require professional cleaning to remove contaminants and pose serious health risks. When shallow roots wrap around pipes and sewer lines crush or tear, sewage enters the ground. These leaks are underground, but what they cause above ground gets them noticed. Homeowners with this problem may have a particularly bright green, wet patch of grass in their front yard with a rotten egg smell.

It is important to educate homeowners about the danger that tree roots pose to plumbing systems. The next step is to make sure homeowners can spot the warning signs of root intrusion. Signs of possible root damage include higher than usual water bills and unpleasant sewer odors. Other signs of tree root intrusion include a blocked, overflowing, or slow-draining tub, sink, or toilet. Additionally, gurgling toilets and visible sinkholes can indicate damage to tree root tubes. Take heed of noticing warning signs and call a plumber instead of ignoring the problem.

Homeowners should assess the risk posed by trees and shrubs near plumbing lines on their property. Removing trees near water and sewer lines should be considered. Early detected tree root pipe intrusion damage is often a candidate for sewer line repair. However, sewer pipes with excessive root damage will need to be replaced. And it does this out of sight, so damage to underground pipes is usually serious before it’s detected.

“Often, significant damage to plumbing and sewer lines occurs before homeowners know there is a problem,” notes Paul Wimpey. “But fortunately, our hydrojetting, trenchless sewer repair, and HydroVac excavation services allow us to quickly and inexpensively fix these problems for our customers without digging up their entire yard.”

The discovery that tree roots are growing too close to plumbing or sewer lines is a cause for concern. Homeowners require a micro video camera pipe inspection to inspect buried pipes for tree root intrusion damage. Video sewer inspections quickly reveal tree roots in pipes.

Prevention is the best way to treat tree roots for sewer line problems. Making wise landscaping decisions, knowing the warning signs, recognizing them and acting immediately when problems arise is what needs to be done.

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