🌳 What are the best tree services in Johnson County?


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Suddenly, many homeowners in Johnson County are looking for good, reliable tree care services.

Friday’s severe thunderstorms wreaked havoc across the Kansas City area, uprooting branches and uprooting entire trees from Shawnee to South Overland Park.

It’s a stressful time and you don’t want to be upset, especially when you’re dealing with major claims.

That’s why we want reader recommendations for honest, local tree companies that can get the job done – even the big ones – and not take advantage of their customers in dire straits.

If you’ve already removed your trash and appreciate the work done, let us know which company did it.

If you’re still desperate for help, hopefully our readers’ suggestions can help you find a solution.

Here’s how to let us know your choice

We’re taking recommendations for these “5 to try” until Thursday.

To send us your 5 to Try suggestions this week and every week thereafter, you can:

Every Friday we post our readers’ suggestions on what made our 5 to Try.

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