🌱 41-Year-Old African Elephant, Coming To Georgia + Tree Conservation


Hello everyone! I’m here with your fresh copy of the Decatur-Avondale Estates Patch Newsletter, packed with all the local news you need to know right now. Includes updates to:

  • A 41-year-old African elephant named Mundi will soon have a home here in Georgia.
  • Decatur’s new canopy conservation rules.
  • Yorkie was stolen from her home at the Summit Avondale Apartments.

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Here are today’s top stories at Decatur-Avondale Estates:

  1. According to the City of Decatur’s Facebook page, new canopy preservation rules are in place. Residents are no longer allowed to remove three healthy trees within 18 months. A tree permit is required to remove dead or diseased trees, and all demolition and construction work must comply with the requirements of the Canopy Protection Ordinance. Visit decaturga.com/trees for more information. (The Atlanta Journal Articles of Association)
  2. Around 7:30am Sunday night, Karma, a 1-year-old Yorkie, was stolen from outside her home at the Summit Avondale Apartments. Her owner, Patrice Jackson-Weathers, said she was just returning home from visiting her husband in the hospital when Karma and another dog snuck out of the house. The incident was caught on camera and shows a person approaching the puppy and taking her away. Weathers stated that she will not press charges if her pup is returned to her. (FOX 5 Atlanta)
  3. The City Schools of Decatur will host a meet-and-greet Thursday at 5:30 p.m. The meet-and-greet will be with the finalists’ superintendent, Dr. Gyimah Whitaker, instead. It is scheduled to take place in the Decatur High School cafeteria at 310 N. McDonough St. It is believed that the school board Dr. Whitaker’s contract will be approved on April 1st. (Decaturish.com)
  4. A 41-year-old African elephant named Mundi will soon have a new home here in Georgia. Mundi lived in a small zoo in Puerto Rico. The US Department of Justice recently closed the zoo and forced the removal of all animals. According to records, the animals were mistreated, Mundi was one of them, chained for 35 years and soon released to live in a sanctuary here in Georgia. (WSB-Atlanta)

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