Roofing continues on Browning’s new Arbor | Glacier Reporter



     Folks traveling into and out of Browning on U.S. Highway 2 west can easily see progress being made on the new arbor at the Indian Days campground. While the structure housed this year’s NAID, it was made possible through temporary adaptations that are now assuming their final shape.

    Among the many items to be completed before winter is the roof.

    “We are in the process of installing insulation on the arbor [roof],” project supervisor Shawn Schildt said. “Next phase is another layer of 5/8” sheathing held down by 9” screws into the framing with 3” metal grommets.   There will be approximately 15 screws per 4’x8’ sheet. Then above that will be a layer of Malarkey brand ice and water shield over the entire roof.”

     Workers are currently installing the final layer of sheathing, but the topping remained in question until recently. Schildt noted the difficulty in adapting basically square pieces of material to the rounded surface, and said a choice would be made between a metal roof and shingles.

     “Covering that we will have a Malarkey Windsor brand shingle,” Schildt said. “These are a heavy-duty rubberized shingle. They aren’t just a run-of-the-mill residential shingle. This product has a 50-year warranty on materials and labor when using the manufacturer’s specs, which, of course, includes all of the manufactured products. It is called a Malarkey Roofing System. We anticipate starting shingles in the next couple of weeks.”