Thai developer MQDC’s ‘The Aspen Tree’ residential project moves to capture surging demand from over-50s for developments designed around their own generational needs


Offers special support for people who are not currently resident in Germany Thailand as well as 1-year and 5-year trial packages and almost $70,000 with introductory benefits

“As part of The Aspen Tree’s Lifetime Care concept, residents receive—in addition to their homes—lifetime health insurance that covers medical needs up to the age of 99 through a single, one-time payment for the purchase of homes and services , 24-hour care support, and a comprehensive range of services and facilities to enable residents to lead healthy, independent and worry-free lives.”

MS. Hye June ParkPresident of The Aspen Tree at Forestias

BANGKOK, May 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — MQDC (Magnolia Quality Development Corporation), one of of Thailand leading real estate developer, targets the demand for new homes among the world’s growing population of over 50s looking for residential developments that meet their unique generational needs.

The Aspen Tree - Sky Villa

The Aspen Tree – Sky Villa

The aspen tree in Forestias

The aspen tree in Forestias

The aspen tree in Forestias

The aspen tree in Forestias

MQDC’s first project, branded The Aspen Tree, serving this market is in the East Bangkok located in the fast developing Eastern Economic Corridor and within the 64 hectare The Forestias development. The Forestias is one of them of Thailand largest private real estate development projects and is already the location of the luxury villas of Six Senses Residences.

MS. Hye June ParkPresident of The Aspen Tree at The Forestias, said, “Aspen Tree homes are designed as premium condominiums and heavenly villas, but with unique design features that make them safer and more practical, along with exceptional services delivered with our lifetime care concept.”

As part of The Aspen Tree’s Lifetime Care concept, through a single, one-time payment for the home and purchase of services, residents receive lifetime health insurance covering medical needs up to age 99 and care support in addition to their home 24-hour service, weekly housekeeping, daily breakfast, catering for special diets, access to a purpose-built wellness clubhouse where regular physical and mental fitness programs are organized, and social activities such as arts and crafts workshops.

The Aspen Tree also has an on-site health and brain center that provides more specialized medical services to residents when needed.

The Aspen Tree has 290 homes at The Forestias ranging in size from 83 to 253 square feet, and nearly every home has a refreshing view of the resort’s 12 acres of forest.

According to Ms Park, the comprehensive nature of the housing offers is also about reducing the uncertainty in people’s lives.

“The Aspen Tree’s lifetime care approach eliminates some of the biggest concerns for people over 50. The extensive range of support services means residents can enjoy an active lifestyle without depending on the help of friends and family in their daily lives his age is advancing. It also reduces financial uncertainty as there are no community fees to pay for the property and you don’t have to worry about the rising cost of health insurance as that is also included in the purchase price,” she said.


Mr. Vithaya Sintharapantorn, Senior Vice President, Marketing-Project, MQDC said that MQDC is offering 1-year and 5-year trial packages for some of The Aspen Tree residences to make it easier for people to get used to the new concept and the “Experience” trying out the natural and orderly environment of The Forestias.”

1 year trial packages are available for one and two bedroom units and include the many community activities and lifestyle offerings. The units are offered fully furnished, so those wishing to experience the lifestyle of The Aspen Tree and experience the level of service and comfort for themselves need only bring their own linens and other personal items upon move-in.

The 5-year trial packages are also available for one and two bedroom units and also include medical insurance.


Special privileges are offered to those booking two bedroom residences up to June 30, 2023and include flight vouchers for Thai Airways worth approx $10,000 and complimentary “Gold” status for two years with Thai Airways’ Royal Orchid Plus loyalty program. The Aspen Tree also makes it easy for non-resident foreigners by helping them obtain a Thailand Elite Card membership, which facilitates a residency visa Thailand and with a value of approx $29,000. The aspen tree will also help them in the transition to a new home Thailand Easier with a furniture voucher worth approx $29,000 to set up their new home.


Mr. Sintharapantorn expressed his confidence in the concept’s popularity among both Thai and overseas home buyers, noting this Thailand and the world is seeing its elderly population increase.

Thailand has one of the fastest aging populations in the world. While in 1985 only around 6% of the of Thailand population was over 60 years old, today it is more than three times as high at 20%.

“The trend is similar in many other countries around the world and as such we believe this is a segment of home development that will grow rapidly. It will also receive great interest from overseas people who would like to live there Thailand because of the support services and the warm care that Thai people take for granted,” he said.

Other residential offerings at The Forestias that are part of the master plan to create a community that allows multiple generations with diverse lifestyles to live close to nature and in close proximity to each other are Mulberry Grove Condominiums, Mulberry Grove Villas Cluster Home Residences long-term , multi-generational families, Whizdom condos and Six Senses Residences, which are super luxury villas managed by the Six Senses brand.

Interested parties are asked to call the call center on +662.012.4555 or inquire via the Company’s website at

Note to the editor:

The Forestias is a new global prototype for an urban development that is specifically geared towards a healthier life in every respect.

It is a community set on 64 acres with ample parking areas and 4.8 acres of woodland at the heart of the development, multi-branded residential properties that appeal to different lifestyles and age groups, have lifestyle and family entertainment facilities, retail and food and beverage outlets , a town center for community and cultural activities, a family center, several markets, a sports complex and commercial space for offices.

Designed and built by some of the world’s most respected experts, Forestias has already received more than 40 global awards for its focus on healthy living and environmental quality. Awards include a Gold Award for Urban Design and a Silver Award for Sustainable Living and Green Design, both presented by the prestigious International Design Awards (IDA) and voted winner of the Global Human Settlements Award on Planning and Global Forum on Human Settlements design and winner of Innovative Architecture’s Visionary Living & Working Award.