Plumbing & Roofing Contractor AI-Powered Lead Generation Platform Announced

Plumbing & Roofing Contractor AI-Powered Lead Generation Platform Announced


Published August 24, 2023

With the latest revisions, the platform offers tailored prospect finding for the services-based and contracting companies, such as roofing, plumbing, and HVAC businesses. Users have the ability to define their ideal clients, including industry type, location, personal position, or a specific company, and AI algorithms are then designed to find contact details and begin conversations.

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Florida Digital Marketing Experts explains that the US construction and services industry remains highly competitive, and many smaller contractors are not yet leveraging the power of digital tools. The firm’s enhanced Leadifire solution was developed to help smaller companies automate the lead generation process, while getting a greater return-on-investment from digital marketing.

According to statistics from, the US now hos over 3.7 million construction or construction-related companies. In an increasingly digital society, many consumers use the internet to find a suitable contractor, making digital outreach an important consideration.

The latest version of Leadifire uses AI to automate the prospecting process, which can be time-consuming for smaller businesses that have limited resources. The platform offers a cost-effective way of identifying ideal clients, based on information provided.

In addition to finding new leads, the enhanced system has the option to begin conversations with potential clients, including emails, SMS, and/or voicedrops. Leadifire is also designed to notify users whenever there is an interaction with these communications, such as an email being opened, which allows businesses to target their sales efforts on the most promising leads.

About Florida Digital Marketing Experts – Leadifire

Since the development of its Leadifire platform, Florida Digital Marketing Experts states that it has reduced the time needed to create and launch a cold outreach program to as little as 1-hour each month. The company is now offering trials of the solution, allowing services-based companies and contractors to assess its effectiveness.

“Imagine effortlessly finding the contact details of your ideal prospects, knowing exactly who to reach out to and how to reach them,” a company representative explained. “Leadifire takes care of all the guesswork, so you can focus on what you do best – delivering exceptional service to your clients.”

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