Oklahoma City roofing giant Champion Roofing shares roof maintenance tips for residential and commercial properties

Oklahoma City roofing giant Champion Roofing shares roof maintenance tips for residential and commercial properties


Published on March 23, 2023

The actual lifespan of a roof depends on how well it is maintained over time, which is why regular maintenance is essential from inspection to planning roof repairs.

Roof installations are designed to last between 25 and 50 years, depending on the type of roof. Most people take this as nothing else is required during this time. Roof maintenance is a foreign word to many homeowners, leaving them with leaky roofs and avoidable structural damage. Champion Roofing is committed to helping homeowners avoid some of those costly roofing problems that regular maintenance could fix.

Champion Roofing is a premier Oklahoma City roofing company recognized for its quality of service, outstanding team and commitment to providing roofing information and education to Oklahoma residents. The top-notch roofing company shares that roofs are meant to last, but that depends on how well they’re maintained. With proper care, people don’t need to replace their roofs often.

Roof care tips

Regular roof inspections are high on the list, according to Champion Roofing. The roof should be inspected annually for any damage by a detailed inspection by a roofer. It’s important to avoid cheap band-aids as they are more expensive and cause more damage in the long run.

Leaky roofs reveal water stains on the ceiling, damp walls, or stains that homeowners can easily spot and take action on. Champion Roofing also recommends regular gutter cleanings to prevent water damage from clogging and regular trimming of overhanging branches that could fall onto the roof and cause damage.

For any repairs or maintenance, working with a local contractor who knows the local weather and is familiar with licensing laws is essential. Roof replacement company OKC shares that roof maintenance is critical to ensure roof longevity. By following the simple maintenance tips, property owners can avoid costly repairs and replacements and extend the life of their roofs.

Oklahoma’s premier roofing company

Serving both residential and commercial customers, Champion Roofing is OKC’s roofing company. Oklahoma City’s premier roof repair and replacement business proudly offers world-class roofing services. Champion Roofing has earned a reputation for excellence and reliability through its repair and replacement services, which are unmatched in quality and craftsmanship.

As a premier OKC roof repair company, Champion Roofing has built its success on its commitment to customer satisfaction. The roofing giant achieves this by using the highest quality roofing systems and materials and by employing qualified professionals who expertly attend to clients’ needs, from new construction to roof repair, storm damage, roof replacement and general civil works. The company handles each project with precision and care, from initial consultation to completion, regardless of size or scope.

“We are committed to protecting your entire structure and ensuring you receive the best possible service. Our roofing company offers you the highest quality products at the most competitive price.”

Need a new roof, replacement or repair? Visit Champion Roofing, Oklahoma City’s premier roofing company.

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