Mast Roofing accepting nominations for roof giveaway program


OLEY – Replacing or even repairing a roof is a major expense for homeowners. Mast Roofing & Construction Inc. is once again attempting to take the stress and worry out of a local family.

The Oley-based roofing company is accepting nominations for its annual roofing giveaway program – Project Peace of Mind.

It’s the 11th year the company has committed to the program – giving a homeowner a new roof. Originally called No Roof Left Behind – a national program Mast has participated in for nine years – Mast Roofing implemented its own version last year.

Corrie Mast, coordinator of the Peace of Mind for Mast Roofing & Construction project, said that when the national program went out of business, Mast Roofing didn’t want the initiative to end, so they came up with something new.

“First and foremost, our reason for doing this year after year is to share the blessings bestowed on us by being a blessing to those around us,” Mast said. “A new roof can be a big expense and there are a lot of people out there who through no fault of their own can afford to pay for one. And that’s a big concern they carry with them every day.”

Mast Roofing and Construction is giving away a free roof this summer and is looking for nominations. Shown in this file photo, left to right are: Corrie Mast, Mast Cover Program Director; Kerwin Mast, Proprietor, Mast Canopy; and 2021 winners Marc Fraser; and Lara Fraser from Robesonia. (PHOTO BY MEDIANEWS GROUP)

She added that the Peace of Mind program allows the company to take that burden off a family.

Who is Eligible?

The Project Peace of Mind program is open to residents of five Mast Roofing Services counties: Berks, Bucks, Chester, Lehigh and Montgomery.

Individuals can nominate themselves or someone they know in need of a new roof. Nominees must own the home and keep their mortgage and taxes up.

The nomination form is available online. It asks for information about the nominee and the person submitting the nomination. It also asks about the condition of the roof – including the age of the house, whether the roof is leaking, the current roofing material, the style of the house and a description of the roof.

The nomination form also asks why the person is a good candidate for the project – whether they’ve had financial difficulties or faced an unexpected situation.

Mast previously told MediaNews Group that the company was looking for a family or person in need – someone who would find it too difficult even to make payments.

MAST ROOFIn this photo, Mast Roofing and Construction staff on the day of roof installation for the Peace of Mind project in 2022. (PHOTO BY MEDIANEWS GROUP)

After the nomination period, Mast Roofing & Construction staff will review the nominees and select the recipient. The roof receiver will be announced on Mast Roofing’s Facebook and Instagram pages in June and the installation will be planned.

Mast said there is an added benefit for the entire company to be in one place and complete a project together.

“It’s the nature of our business that typically half of us are at clients’ homes and the other half work in the office, so it’s so much fun to be together on such a happy occasion,” she said.

Address a need

When Mast Roofing introduced the new name for last year’s program, the company hoped for a good response – and got it.

More than 70 nominations were received for the 2022 program. Mast said that was the most nominations ever received — about twice as many as in previous years.

She added that so far more than 20 nominations have been received for this year’s program.

While last year the intention was to pick a winner, Mast said the company celebrated its 25th anniversary last year and decided to celebrate the occasion by giving away a second roof. Both were installed on the same very hot day last July at Barto’s Donna Stierly and Boyertown’s Ann Stanley. This year a new roof is assigned, mast added.

MAST ROOFAnn Stanley of Boyertown was one of two recipients of Mast Roofing and Construction’s Peace of Mind project in 2022. This file photo shows their completed roof. (PHOTO BY MEDIANEWS GROUP)

“The roof installations over the last 10 years have been a great success and we are delighted to be able to do this for the 11th time this year. Our entire team is happy to come together to encourage a local family while addressing a very practical need,” read a press release announcing the 2023 program.

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