Lubbock roofing group rallies to support historic Flint Ave church

Lubbock roofing group rallies to support historic Flint Ave church

The Lubbock Area Roofing Contractors Association helped the historic Flint Ave Baptist Church when the roof showed signs of needing repairs.

“Sometimes I thought it would rain more inside than outside,” Pastor Marios Davila recalled during a presentation Thursday morning at the church.

Now in his 24th year with the church, Davila said he and the congregation were struggling to get everything balanced, including repairing the roof, but they firmly believed a solution was coming.

Their prayers were answered when a member of Davila’s congregation went to LARCA and convinced board members to help them, Nick Jones said.

The Flint Avenue Baptist Church at 900 North Flint Ave.  received a new roof from the Lubbock Area Roofing Contractors Association & Flint Ave Baptist Church.

“We usually donate a roof to housing projects,” said Jones, President of LARCA. “(That) was really a bigger project than we usually tackle. We talked about it in board meetings and roughly estimated what it would mean for us.”

Members of LARCA donated their time, labor and materials to complete the roofing project. Work on the roof began on April 17 and most of the work was completed by Thursday.

Jones said there is a covered walkway that has yet to be completed, but carpenters will be needed to replace the supports holding up the roof.

“So it was really exciting for us to take on such a big project and help the church,” Jones said. “What better project to help a church that helps the community on a daily and weekly basis.”

Nick Jones, President of the Lubbock Area Roofing Contractors Association, speaks April 20 at 900 North Flint Ave about the association's work on the roof of the Flint Ave Baptist Church.

Ed Sena of the Lubbock Area Baptist Association said he, along with Daliva and the community, is grateful for LARCA’s donation and for those who donated their time and effort to the roof restoration.

“There is no doubt that this is a church that has long needed help,” Sena said. “What a great opportunity for Larkin to come in now and make a difference in our community.”