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No home is safe and secure without a properly installed roof, siding, windows and properly functioning gutters. And no home feels complete without beautiful, maintenance-free ceilings and facades. Not only does JTR Roofing Inc. ensure its customers a healthy exterior siding that will stand the test of time — and the weather in Minnesota and Wisconsin — but the company’s expertise in installation and exterior products “also makes getting a new roof seamless and painless,” enthused a customer .

JTR Roofing is known throughout Minnesota and western Wisconsin for superior craftsmanship, superior service and quality products. Whether it’s a new build, storm replacement, or remodel, JTR Roofing is “responsive, sensible, respectful and an all round great company,” says one satisfied client. “They also do an excellent job with roof renewals and conversions. I recommend them for jobs of any size.”

Another homeowner raved, “We were blown away by JTR’s professionalism, efficiency and fantastic work. You have built an amazing system. From start to finish, they completed the house and garage (rip-off to new shingles) in less than four hours. There was no sign of them even being there afterwards – no nails, no old shingles, no crushed plants… Even the neighbors were impressed!”

As homeowners increasingly demand higher quality and more visually appealing roofs, the company has specialized in recommending and installing IndeedTeed’s Presidential Shake TL. Presidential Shake TL is considered the “founding father of replica wooden shakes”.

The product combines the premium performance of asphalt and the appeal of hand-split cedar roofing with IndeedTeed’s unwavering quality. The product features an intricate shingle design that creates an architecturally beautiful roof; offers a rich color palette to enhance and complement the exterior of any home; is cheaper than real wood shake; and is practically maintenance-free. As a shockproof product, Presidential Shake TL ensures safety and solid protection even in the toughest conditions. Constructed from the toughest materials in the industry, these shingles protect against updrafts, crosswinds and other blustery weather conditions.

Constructed of three layers of material, the Presidential Shake TL is the thickest, toughest, and heaviest shingle in the industry. Molded tabs add the unique, rustic beauty of hand-split cedar roofing. By offering this trending product, JTR Roofing proves that their residential expertise is unparalleled – as is their customer service.

“We are very pleased with the work JTR Roofing did for us,” says another homeowner. “The quality and professionalism were outstanding! They got the job done in a day and cleaned everything up too. I would highly recommend them for your next roofing project.” Treating every homeowner’s home as if it were their own is just how JTR does business. A customer wrote to the company: “We had a first class experience from start to finish. The work was top notch – I highly recommend it!”