Clear Creek County’s only food bank without a home due to plumbing issues


There’s only one food bank in Clear Creek County – Loaves and Fishes – and they’re not currently at home.

“One day all of a sudden we couldn’t use the sewers, we don’t have water, when the plumber came out he said, ‘If you can’t get water, we have to tell the health department and they shut you down,'” said April Snook, the on the board of directors of Loaves and Fishes, on Thursday.”We can’t do that in this county, we’re the only board in the county, people depend on us and as the SNAP benefits are being claimed…people really need it.” , really groceries.”

In the meantime, while their brick-and-mortar location is down, they’ve set out to build an outdoor food collection table across the street that people can drive their cars through. It does not include the usual hot meal that the program can normally provide.



“I get one every time I come down,” said Michael Rugg, who used the plaque. “It’s all the time.”

Rugg said everything the volunteers were able to do given the circumstances was incredible. He’s one of hundreds who rely on the food bank to help keep food on the table.

“We don’t have other food banks, we have people from Georgetown, Empire, Idaho Springs, we have people who live in tents in the middle of winter,” Snook said. “Not to mention your rafting guides or ski lift operators, who sometimes don’t get paid until the second week.”

The repairs needed to help the crumbling, aged clay pipes run to about $70,000. It’s not a bill a small mountain charity is used to taking on.



“We’re mortgageing the building, we already had a mortgage, so now we’re going to have a much higher mortgage payment and interest rates aren’t great right now,” Snook explained. “But we have a great board and we’ve had people come forward.”

Clear Creek County is also partnering with Loaves and Fishes to host a food bank at the health and wellness center Monday through Friday.

Now they’re asking for someone in Colorado who could help them get back on their feet so they can continue helping the hungry Colorado residents.

“You can’t afford to lose this,” Snook said. “We have people who say they go through phases in their lives where they would actually be starving if it wasn’t for this organization.”

If you think you can help you can visit their website here.

Spencer Wilson