Is your roof solar panel ready? A local roofing company shares what you need to know


Three Tree Roofing offers several options for a new, quality roof to ensure your solar panel installation lasts. Sponsored by Three Tree Roofing.

SEATTLE – Many homeowners are interested in solar panels due to government incentives and a desire to help the environment. However, installing solar panels on an old and weak roof can cause problems.

“What we don’t want is to make this really great investment, put it on an old roof and later have to take it off to replace the roof and then put it back on,” said CJ McConaghy, co-owner of Drei- Tree Canopy. “You’re just spending more money.”

Ensuring that your roof is durable and long-lasting now can help you avoid big and unexpected costs down the road. Three Tree Roofing offers a variety of quality roofing options.

Metal roof installations can last 30 to 50 years or more with little maintenance. Solar panel clips can be clipped onto the metal to prevent holes in the roof. The metal that Three Tree Roofing uses for installations is manufactured in Auburn.

“It’s a local product, made here in Washington,” McConaghy said. “It’s really neat.”

Other options include composite roofs, which are the most common type of roof, and flat roofs, which have a low pitch.

A Tesla solar roof is a new option that is roof and solar in one. With the eye-catching variant, solar technology is integrated into every roof tile. Depending on the tree shade of the house, many customers have completely eliminated their electricity bill.

“When you’re spending a lot of money on your home, one of the biggest investments you’re going to make is a roof and solar panels, which is a nice thing about Three Tree’s roofing, all of our teams are dedicated teams,” McConaghy said.

Three Tree Tesla installers only install Tesla roofs, metal installers only install metal, and so on. The company has been ranked the number one roofing contractor in Washington and number 14 in North America by CertainTeed, the largest roofing materials company in the United States

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To learn more about roofing options and solar panels, visit Three Tree Roofing’s website.

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