Five Common Practices To Avoid Roof Leakage – Enlists ThreeBestRated® Award Winner Roofing Contractor For 2023


A roof can simply be the fifth wall of the structure. It is just as important as the other four side walls. In fact, it faces more problems than the other four walls. It must withstand changing climatic conditions and protect you from them. Roof leaks are a serious problem that many people face these days. It is likely to impair the residential entitlement of the property. This can be for a variety of reasons, from age to the quality of the roof installed. AlpineRoofs.CA, a world-class company that recently won the ThreeBestRated® award for “Best Roofer” in Nanaimo for 2023, enlightens us on some ways to prevent roof leaks and ensure a safe life. Here comes the list

  • First and foremost is the quality of any material you use for roofing. The higher the quality, the longer the strength and life of the roof, which, of course, does not give a chance for leaks.
  • Installing prefabricated curbs in all roof openings such as chimneys, skylights, dormer windows and vents can help stop leaks as they are specifically designed to divert water flow away from vulnerable areas.
  • In most cases, water is able to get under curling shingles. A roofer protection would be very helpful in the case.
  • Ventilated attics and waterproof barriers are one of the best solutions to stop leaks as they create a barricade that stops the flow of water.
  • The installation of ridge and hip cap shingles prevent water leakage with their curb appeal and also help protect the roof from wind damage.

Proper maintenance by trained professionals can always protect your roof from leaks and ensure a happy life, the team concludes. AlpineRoofs.CA is itself a great roofing contractor in the Nanaimo regions that would be the best choice for all your roofing needs.

What sets AlpineRoofs.CA apart?

AlpineRoofs.CA is one of Nanaimo’s premier roofing contractors owned and operated by Kelly Matthews. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, they have become the masters in the field that has led them to crack the ThreeBestRated® 50 point inspection. They are fully insured with ING and fully covered by WCB and take great pride in the quality and workmanship of their Canadian made products. Cedar Shake Conversions are the specialty of their service. Preference No matter the size of the job, there’s an added benefit in choosing that you can’t expect everywhere. AlpineRoofs.CA offers emergency roofing services. They look forward to assisting you with your next renovation. To receive their free video review along with a quote, contact them at

AlpineRoofs.CA is experienced and equipped to perform residential and commercial roofing, roof maintenance, repairs, new construction, all types of roof replacement, asphalt shingles, insurance inspections, storm damage repairs, ridge capping and replacement, pre & post home sale inspections & bolt on replacements metal roofs.

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