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ROANOKE, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, May 1, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Temperatures continue to settle into more extreme modes in both summer and winter. The global HVAC industry has addressed these climate change concerns, leading to a surge in the installation of smart meters, thermostats and sensors to reduce electricity costs. This allows builders not only to control the temperature of their living spaces, but also to change the humidity and airflow. This advancement in HVAC technology has resulted in an increased demand for professional HVAC repair services in Roanoke. Fortunately, Virginia companies like Wisler Plumbing and Air have recognized the needs of modern HVAC units and can be consulted should the system need repair. As a result, the company is now expanding its services across Roanoke, serving business owners, property managers and homeowners who need faster turnaround times for their service requests, quicker quotes and clarity on the scope of work.

When people attempt to repair their smart home HVAC systems themselves, they risk deterioration, which will only cost them more money in the long run. The harms include making the system more wasteful. Additionally, the average homeowner may not have the experience to diagnose and repair HVAC issues, especially when the cause of a leak or malfunction is not obvious. If they break something, a professional must be hired to fix the problem, including an expensive replacement. Unless someone in the family is licensed and certified as a qualified HVAC technician, homeowners should avoid DIY jobs around the HVAC system and invest in inexpensive and specialized maintenance to reduce the scope of repair services, which can be costly.

Modern or not, HVAC systems are complex. Without precise knowledge of how the system works, trying to fix it comes with security concerns such as:
● Chemical exposure
● Electrical hazards
● Respiratory threats
● Fall injuries

Professional HVAC technicians have the necessary training and equipment to safely carry out repairs. Experienced DIYers from facilities like Wisler Plumbing and Air can also perform an indoor air quality test and provide recommendations for system updates or maintenance needs. If an HVAC system is not properly maintained and cleaned, it can accumulate allergens, mold, mildew, and dust. This is often the reason why children in a family home keep getting sick despite all the precautionary measures. When the system kicks in, it blows all of those pollutants around the room. Homeowners can prevent this by hiring professionals to suggest and conduct semi-annual comfort checks.

Technology is at the forefront of many HVAC trends because people expect every aspect of a home’s ecosystem to become more accessible and intelligent. The HVAC designs being implemented by contractors today are equipped with sensors that “talk” to each other. This means that buildings have different systems that communicate via data exchange. Presence sensors manage, for example, the indoor temperature, humidity and lighting. These systems can also track outdoor conditions such as temperature, humidity, brightness and the position of the sun. For example, if part of a building is not exposed to direct sunlight, the system will blow less air conditioning in the summer and provide more heat dissipation in the winter.

If smart blinds are installed, the system can open and close the blinds based on the position of the sun. Building Automation Systems (BAS) are becoming increasingly popular due to their energy saving capabilities and convenience. HVAC service providers can help homeowners understand the economic benefits of these systems and offer membership plans to reduce costs even further. For example, Wisler Plumbing and Air, which provides HVAC services in Roanoke, VA, encourages its customers to become part of its “Diamond Club Family.” Members of this group receive priority service, service discounts, service fee reductions, repair guarantees and more.

“We went home one afternoon and had a hot water pipe that started leaking. I called Wisler the next morning and Stephanie was great. She said they could help us. She made an appointment between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. that same day. Tim came time (2:00) and we had our problem solved within an hour. Tim was great and we will definitely be calling Wisler if we ever need plumbing again” – Linda Hogan

The use of geothermal heating and cooling methods is also on the rise, eliminating the need for petroleum-based electricity. Instead, these heat pumps use the ground and water sources such as ponds to generate energy to heat and cool buildings. Additionally, some buildings have a mix of gas and solar power, allowing owners to switch seamlessly between the two to control electricity costs. Finally, HVAC repair companies like Wisler Plumbing and Air are staying ahead of the curve, offering maintenance and overhaul services for these long-lasting, low-maintenance systems.

Energy efficient heating and cooling systems have come a long way in the last two decades. Energy Star qualified HVAC systems have met or exceeded national efficiency standards. They can help homeowners go green while lowering their electricity bills, and increasingly green initiatives in a home’s or building’s performance are rewarded with monetary benefits. However, depending on the HVAC system, the vents and ducts can be inaccessible and problems can be difficult to troubleshoot. Property managers can fix some superficial problems with standard tools, but more difficult problems require professionals with access to modern equipment. Therefore, it makes sense to look to qualified HVAC service Roanoke professionals for major repairs and maintenance.

Companies like Wisler Plumbing and Air provide reliable HVAC service in Roanoke and conduct regular training for their technicians to ensure they are prepared to deal with both legacy and innovative HVAC systems.

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